Based on peer-reviewed articles from the Second International Conference of the South Asian Society of Criminology and Victimology, Interpersonal Criminology investigates the roots of crime and victimization, rather than dissecting criminal behavior after the fact. The book divides crime by type, covering crimes against women, crimes against children and youths, culture conflict and victimization of groups, and interpersonal cybercrimes.

Perfect for criminal justice practitioners and advanced human rights, criminology, and victimology students, Interpersonal Criminology explores the complexities of crime and interpersonal events in both established and emerging fields of criminology, including those concerning women and minorities.

part |84 pages

Interpersonal Crimes against Women

chapter |14 pages

Gender-Based Street Harassment

An International Perspective
ByJanice Joseph

chapter |12 pages

Marital Rape

A Socially and Legally Warranted Crime in India
ByAkansha Singh

chapter |11 pages


A Consequence of Abuse of Women in Brisbane, Australia
ByHelena Menih, Catrin Smith

chapter |13 pages

Market Women and Their Crime Reporting Practices in Oyo, Oyo State, Nigeria *

ByJohnson Oluwole Ayodele

chapter |17 pages

Discrimination and Victimization of Women at the Workplace in Serbia

Prevalence and Characteristics
ByVesna Nikolić-Ristanović, Sanja Ćopić, Bejan Šaćiri

chapter |12 pages

Fear of Crime among Women in Tiruchirappalli, India

A Spatial Examination of Transit Spaces
ByC. Hannah, G. Subbaiyan, T. Srinivas

part |38 pages

Interpersonal Crimes against Children and Youth

chapter |10 pages

Restorative Practices for Juveniles in Hawai'i, United States

ByLorenn Walker

chapter |14 pages

Prevention of Interpersonal Crimes and Violence among Children and Youth through Virtue Education

A Roadmap
ByJohn Christopher, Johan De Tavernier

chapter |12 pages

Underage Commercial Sex and Criminal Prosecutions in Singapore

Who Are the Real Victims?
ByS. Chandra Mohan

part |78 pages

Culture Conflict and Victimization of Groups

chapter |15 pages

Policing Domestic Violence in South Africa

ByDoraval Govender

chapter |21 pages

Domestic Violence Legislation and Its Application in Serbia

The Impact of Gender of the Offender and Other Factors
ByVesna Nikolić-Ristanović, Ljiljana Stevković

chapter |14 pages

Labeling of Denotified Tribes

Revisiting the Ramoshis in Maharashtra, India
ByDattatreya Bhandalkar

chapter |13 pages

Sex Trafficking in Gujarat, India

Case Studies of Women Victims Turned Offenders *
ByPavithran Nambiar, Suhas P. Nambiar

chapter |10 pages

How Can Victimology Become Positive?

ByNatti Ronel

part |56 pages

Interpersonal Cyber Crimes

chapter |11 pages

Generation Y and Online Victimization in Nigeria

How Vulnerable Are Younger Internet Users?
ByPhilip Ndubueze

chapter |18 pages

Sexting among Teens

Are they Victims or Offenders? *
ByDebarati Halder, K. Jaishankar

chapter |13 pages

Cyber and Mobile Phone Bullying Victimization among Youth in Singapore

An Exploration of Correlates
ByThomas J. Holt, Grace Chee, Esther Ng

chapter |10 pages

Assessment of Cyber Criminology

Obstacles, Challenges, and Promising Paths of the New Science of Cyber Crime *
ByBrie Diamond, Michael Bachmann