Innovation through specific and rational design and functionalization has led to the development of a wide range of mesoporous materials with varying morphologies (hexagonal, cubic, rod-like), structures (silicates, carbons, metal oxides), and unique functionalities (doping, acid functionalization) that currently makes this field one of the most exciting in materials science and energy applications. This book focuses primarily on the rapid progress in their application in energy conversion and storage technologies, including supercapacitor, Li-ion battery, fuel cells, solar cells, and photocatalysis (water splitting) and will serve as a valuable reference for researchers in the field

chapter 1|50 pages

Chapter 1: Functional mesoporous carbons from template methods for energy storage and conversion

ByHao Tian, Shaomin Liu, San Ping Jiang, Jian Liu

chapter 2|46 pages

Chapter 2 Nanoporous Carbon for Capacitive Energy Storage

ByClement Bommier, Xiulei Ji

chapter 3|55 pages

Chapter 3 Mesoporous Structured Materials as New Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cells

ByJinlin Lu, Jin Zhang, San Ping Jiang

chapter 4|69 pages

Chapter 4 Mesoporous Structured Electrocatalysts for Fuel Cells

ByKamel Eid, Liang Wang, Hongjing Wang

chapter 5|40 pages

Chapter 5 Mesoporous Materials for Batteries

ByKuang-Hsu (Tim) Wu, Hamid Arandiyan, J.u. Sun, Cui Yanglansen, Da-Wei Wang

chapter 6|31 pages

Chapter 6 Recent Advances in Mesoporous Materials for Lithium Batteries

ByYimu Hu, Hoang Yen, Freddy Kleitz

chapter 7|32 pages

Chapter 7 Controlling the Photoanode Mesostructure for Dye-sensitized and Perovskite-sensitized Solar Cells

ByWu-Qiang Wu, Dehong Chen, Rachel A. Caruso