The book addresses the issue of interdisciplinary understanding of collaboration on the topic of social network studies. Researchers and practitioners from various disciplines including sociology, computer science, socio-psychology, public health, complex systems, and management science have worked largely independently, each with quite different principles, terminologies, theories. and methodologies. The book aims to fill the gap among these disciplines with a number of the latest interdisciplinary collaboration studies.

part |70 pages

Methodologies for Interdisciplinary Social Network Research

chapter 1|18 pages

Methods for Interdisciplinary Social Network Studies

ByXiaoming Fu, Jar-Der Luo, Margarete Boos

chapter 2|20 pages

Towards Transdisciplinary Collaboration between Computer and Social Scientists: Initial Experiences and Reflections

ByDmytro Karamshuk, Mladen Pupavac, Frances Shaw, Julie Brownlie, Vanessa Pupavac, Nishanth Sastry

part |124 pages

Social Network Structure

chapter 4|32 pages

Measurement of Guanxi Circles: Using Qualitative Study to Modify Quantitative Measurement *

ByJar-Der Luo, Xiao Han, Ronald Burt, Chaowen Zhou, Meng-Yu Cheng, Xiaoming Fu

chapter 5|32 pages

Analysis and Prediction of Triadic Closure in Online Social Networks

ByHong Huang, Jie Tang, Lu Liu, Jar-Der Luo, Xiaoming Fu

chapter 6|40 pages

Prediction of Venture Capital Coinvestment Based on Structural Balance Theory

ByYun Zhou, Zhiyuan Wang, Jie Tang, Jar-Der Luo

chapter 7|18 pages

Repeated Cooperation Matters: An Analysis of Syndication in the Chinese VC Industry by ERGM

ByJar-Der Luo, Ruiqi Li, Fangda Fan, Jie Tang

part |112 pages

Social Network Behaviors

chapter 8|28 pages

Patterns of Group Movement on a Virtual Playfield: Empirical and Simulation Approaches

ByMargarete Boos, Wenzhong Li, Johannes Pritz

chapter 10|24 pages

Cultural Anthropology through the Lens of Wikipedia

ByPeter A. Gloor, Joao Marcos, Patrick M. De Boer, Hauke Fuehres, Wei Lo, Keiichi Nemoto

chapter 11|16 pages

From Social Networks to Time Series: Methods and Applications

ByTongfeng Weng, Yaofeng Zhang, Pan Hui

chapter 12|22 pages

Population Growth in Online Social Networks

ByKonglin Zhu, Xiaoming Fu, Wenzhong Li, Sanglu Lu, Jan Nagler

part |80 pages

Collaboration and Information Dissemination in Social Networks

chapter 13|34 pages

Information Dissemination in Social-Featured Opportunistic Networks

ByWenzhong Li, Sanglu Lu, Konglin Zhu, Xiao Chen, Jan Nagler, Xiaoming Fu

chapter 14|24 pages

Information Flows in Patient-Oriented Online Media and Scientific Research

ByPhilip Makedonski, Tim Friede, Jens Grabowski, Janka Koschack, Wolfgang Himmel

chapter 15|20 pages

Mining Big Data for Analyzing and Simulating Collaboration Factors Influencing Software Development Decisions

ByPhilip Makedonski, Verena Herbold, Steffen Herbold, Daniel Honsel, Jens Grabowski, Stephan Waack