This book presents recent developments on the health and safety of fermented meat products. It discusses health aspects of select topics in fermented meat microbiology, veterinary public health, chemistry, technology, biotechnology, nutrition, toxicology, and quality assurance, and gives a broad insight into the product’s safety and health hazards. The book considers the safety of fermented meat products through a whole food chain approach. It focuses on requirements for strict hygienic and technological procedures to prevent potential risk during the production of ready-to-eat products.

The book does not aim to serve as negative publicity for meat products. Just the opposite – it points out to the complexity of prevention and control of potential hazards/risks in the production which greatly contributes to a higher total value of fermented meat products. This reference book is a result of collaborative efforts of a number of distinguished authors with international reputation from renowned institutions and it is intended to both academic and professional audience.

chapter 1|7 pages

Fermented Meat Products — An Overview

Friedrich-Karl Lücke 1 INTRODUCTION
ByFriedrich-Karl Lücke

chapter 2|1 pages

2 US-type Fermented Sausages

chapter 2|2 pages

6 Fresh Sausages

chapter 3|1 pages

1 Pork Hams

chapter |3 pages


chapter 2|2 pages

Chapter Current Status of Fermented Meat Production

Herbert W. Ockerman* and Lopa Basu 1 INTRODUCTION
ByHerbert W. Ockerman, Lopa Basu

chapter 2|7 pages


chapter 6|3 pages


chapter 3|10 pages

Chapter Technology of Fermented Meat Products

ByHelga Medić

chapter 3|1 pages


chapter 3|3 pages

2 Salting

chapter 4|5 pages

Chapter Traditional Production of Fermented Meats and Related Risk

Hirokazu Oiki, Hirokazu Kimura and Nevijo Zdolec* 1 INTRODUCTION
ByHirokazu Oiki, Hirokazu Kimura, Nevijo Zdolec

chapter 5|20 pages

Game Meat Fermented Products — Food Safety Aspects

Peter Paulsen*, Kashif Nauman, Friedrich Bauer, Alessandra Avagnina and Frans J.M. Smulders 1 INTRODUCTION
ByPeter Paulsen, Kashif Nauman, Friedrich Bauer

chapter 6|7 pages

Sheep and Goat Fermented Meat Products— Health Aspects

Alfredo Teixeira*, Sandra Rodrigues, Teresa Dias and Letícia Estevinho 1 INTRODUCTION

chapter 7|5 pages

Chapter Hurdle Technologies in Fermented Meat Production

Josef Kameník 1 INTRODUCTION
ByJosef Kameník

chapter 2|27 pages

2 The Effect of Sodium Chloride

chapter 8|40 pages

Chapter Microbial Ecology of Fermented Sausages and Dry-Cured Meats

Bojana Danilović* and Dragiša Savić 1 INTRODUCTION

chapter 10|22 pages

Chapter Foodborne Pathogens of Fermented Meat Products

Spiros Paramithiotis* and Eleftherios H. Drosinos 1 INTRODUCTION
BySpiros Paramithiotis, Eleftherios H. Drosinos

chapter |10 pages


chapter 11|9 pages

Chapter Protective Cultures and Bacteriocins in Fermented Meats

Maria João Fraqueza*, Luis Patarata and Andrea Lauková 1 INTRODUCTION

chapter |17 pages

Tolerant Tolerant Tolerant Tolerant

chapter 5|16 pages

1 Active Packaging

chapter 12|19 pages

Chapter Autochthonous Starter Cultures

Jadranka Frece* and Ksenija Markov 1 INTRODUCTION
ByJadranka Frece, Ksenija Markov

chapter |5 pages


chapter 13|3 pages

Chapter Probiotics in Fermented Meat Products

Rodrigo J. Nova*, George Botsaris and Fabiola Cerda-Leal 1 INTRODUCTION
ByRodrigo J. Nova, George Botsaris, Fabiola Cerda-Leal

chapter 4|10 pages


chapter 14|16 pages

Chapter Antimicrobial Resistance of Lactic Acid Bacteria in Fermented Meat Products

Nevijo Zdolec*, Slavica Vesković-Moračanin, Ivana Filipović and Vesna Dobranić

chapter 5|8 pages


chapter 15|9 pages

Chapter Microbial Spoilage of Fermented Meat Products

Spiros Paramithiotis and Eleftherios H. Drosinos* 1 INTRODUCTION
BySpiros Paramithiotis, Eleftherios H. Drosinos

chapter 3|7 pages

3 Gram-positive Bacteria

chapter 16|2 pages

Chapter Chemical and Sensorial Properties of Fermented Meat Products

Tanja Bogdanović, Jelka Pleadin*, Nada Vahčić and Sandra Petričević 1 INTRODUCTION

chapter 17|28 pages

Chapter Fermented Meats Composition— Health and Nutrition Aspects

Peter Popelka 1 INTRODUCTION

chapter 18|8 pages

Chapter Chemical Hazards in Fermented Meats

Jelka Pleadin* and Tanja Bogdanović 1 INTRODUCTION
ByJelka Pleadin, Tanja Bogdanović

chapter 2|15 pages

2 Therapeutic and Prophylactic Agents

chapter 4|2 pages

3 Nitrites, Nitrates and Nitrosamines

chapter 5|8 pages


chapter 19|6 pages

Chapter Biogenic Amines in Fermented Meat Products

José M. Lorenzo, Daniel Franco and Javier Carballo* 1 INTRODUCTION
ByJosé M. Lorenzo, Daniel Franco, Javier Carballo

chapter 20|14 pages

Chapter Fat Content of Dry-Cured Sausages and Its Effect on Chemical, Physical, Textural and Sensory Properties

José M. Lorenzo*, Daniel Franco and Javier Carballo 1 INTRODUCTION

chapter 21|1 pages

Chapter Lipid Oxidation of Fermented Meat Products

Slavomír Marcinčák 1 INTRODUCTION
BySlavomír Marcinčák

chapter 2|13 pages


chapter 6|4 pages

1 Antioxidants

chapter 7|6 pages


chapter 22|16 pages

Chapter HACCP in Fermented Meat Production

Igor Tomašević* and Ilija Djekić 1 INTRODUCTION
ByIgor Tomašević, Ilija Djekić

chapter 4|4 pages

8 Corrective Actions

chapter |3 pages


chapter 23|6 pages

Chapter Official Controls of Raw Meat Fermented Sausage Production

Milorad Radakovic* and Slim Dinsdale 1 INTRODUCTION

chapter 3|2 pages


chapter 4|3 pages

1  Definitions

chapter 5|1 pages