Over the last decade, an unprecedented expansion in the field of nanomedicine has resulted in the development of new nanomaterials for diagnosis and therapy of various diseases such as cancer. This book covers the design, synthesis and applications of various functionally-hybridized nanomaterials for biomedical applications. It includes strategies for design and synthesis of hybrid nanomaterials, surface engineering of various nanoparticle-based hybrid nanosystems for cancer imaging and therapy, toxicity aspects of nanomaterials and the challenges in translation research of hybrid nanomaterials.

chapter 1|6 pages

Hybrid Nanomaterials: An Introduction

ByFeng Chen, Weibo Cai

chapter 2|29 pages

Red Blood Cell-Mimicking Hybrid Nanoparticles

ByShreya Goel, Feng Chen, Weibo Cai

chapter 3|18 pages

Engineering Porphyrin-Phospholipid Nanostructures for Medical Imaging and Therapy

BySophie L. Wang, Jonathan F. Lovell

chapter 4|29 pages

Epitaxial Growth of Heterostructured Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications

BySixiang Shi, Shreya Goel, Feng Chen, Weibo Cai

chapter 5|27 pages

Nanomaterial-Antibody Hybrids

ByJyothi U. Menon, Lei Song, Nadia Falzone, Katherine A. Vallis

chapter 6|46 pages

Applications of Organic-Inorganic Hybrid Nanoparticles for Cancer Imaging

ByWei Du, Yusi Cui, Gaolin Liang

chapter 7|36 pages

Combinatorial Nanoparticles and Their Applications in Biomedicine

ByLina Wu, Kai Cheng, Baozhong Shen, Zhen Cheng

chapter 8|29 pages

Engineering of Hybrid Upconversion Nanoparticles for Biodetection and Cancer Imaging

ByDalong Ni, Feng Chen, Wenbo Bu, Jianlin Shi

chapter 9|23 pages

Radionanomedicine with Hybrid Nanomaterials

ByYun-Sang Lee, Dong Soo Lee

chapter 10|35 pages

Radionuclide Generators for Biomedical Applications: Advent of Nanotechnology

ByRubel Chakravarty, Ramu Ram, Ashutosh Dash

chapter 11|26 pages

Multifunctional Nanoparticles: Design and Application in Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Diseases

ByGuobing Liu, Hongcheng Shi, Dengfeng Cheng

chapter 12|29 pages

Theranostic Nanoparticles for Photothermal Therapy of Cancer

ByChristopher G. England, Weibo Cai

chapter 13|21 pages

Biomedical Applications of Nanoscale Metal- Organic Frameworks

ByTran Hoang, Shengqian Ma

chapter 14|38 pages

Silica/Gold Hybrid Nanoparticles for Imaging and Therapy

ByShengqin Su, Jesse V. Jokerst