Handbook of Visual Optics offers an authoritative overview of encyclopedic knowledge in the field of physiological optics. It builds from fundamental concepts to the science and technology of instruments and practical procedures of vision correction, integrating expert knowledge from physics, medicine, biology, psychology, and engineering. The chapters comprehensively cover all aspects of modern study and practice, from optical principles and optics of the eye and retina to novel ophthalmic tools for imaging and visual testing, devices and techniques for visual correction, and the relationship between ocular optics and visual perception.

part |2 pages


chapter 1|8 pages

History of physiological optics in the twentieth century

ByGerald Westheimer

chapter 2|14 pages

Possibilities in physiological optics

ByDavid R. Williams, Sarah Walters

part |2 pages


chapter 3|12 pages

Geometrical optics

ByJim Schwiegerling

chapter 4|36 pages

Wave optics

ByDaniel Malacara

chapter 5|8 pages

Aberrations in optical systems

ByJosé Sasián

chapter 6|10 pages


ByYoshi Ohno

chapter 7|10 pages

Characterization of visual stimuli using the standard display model

ByJoyce E. Farrell, Haomiao Jiang, Brian A. Wandell

chapter 8|18 pages

Basic ophthalmic instruments

ByWalter D. Furlan

chapter 9|8 pages

Instrumentation for adaptive optics

ByChris Dainty

chapter 10|12 pages

Anatomy and embryology of the eye: An overview

ByVivian Choh, Jacob G. Sivak

chapter 11|18 pages

The retina

ByMichael A. Freed

chapter 12|22 pages

Visual system architecture

ByJonathan Winawer, Hiroshi Horiguchi

chapter 13|6 pages

Visual psychophysical methods

ByDenis G. Pelli, Joshua A. Solomon

part |2 pages


chapter 14|22 pages

The cornea

ByMichael Collins, Stephen Vincent, Scott Read

chapter 15|24 pages

The lens

ByFabrice Manns, Arthur Ho, Jean-Marie Parel

chapter 16|14 pages

Schematic eyes

ByDavid A. Atchison

chapter 17|8 pages

Axes and angles of the eye

ByDavid A. Atchison

chapter 18|20 pages

The retina and the Stiles– Crawford effects

ByBrian Vohnsen

chapter 19|16 pages

Refractive errors

ByDavid A. Wilson

chapter 20|20 pages

Monochromatic aberrations

BySusana Marcos, Pablo Pérez-Merino, Carlos Dorronsoro

chapter 21|24 pages

Peripheral aberrations

ByLinda Lundström, Robert Rosén

chapter 22|12 pages

Customized eye models

ByJuan Tabernero

chapter 23|14 pages

Scattering, straylight, and glare

ByThomas J.T.P. van den Berg

chapter 24|14 pages

Accommodation mechanisms

ByShrikant R. Bharadwaj

chapter 25|10 pages

Accommodation dynamics

ByLyle S. Gray, Barry Winn

chapter 26|18 pages

Eye Movements

ByAndrew J. Anderson

chapter 27|8 pages

Aging and the eye’s optics

ByW. Neil Charman

chapter 28|18 pages

Polarization properties

ByJuan M. Bueno