This book covers a wealth of knowledge from experts and informed stakeholders on the best ways to understand, prevent, and control fall-related risk exposures. Featured are subjects on: (1) a public health view of fall problems and strategic goals; (2) the sciences behind human falls and injury risk; (3) research on slips, trips and falls; (4) practical applications of prevention and protection tools and methods in industrial sectors and home/communities; (5) fall incident investigation and reconstruction; and (6) knowledge gaps, emerging issues, and recommendations for fall protection research and fall mitigation.

part |2 pages

Section I: A Public Health View of Fall Problems and Strategic Goals

chapter 1|16 pages

Fall Prevention and Protection: A Public Health Matter

ByHongwei Hsiao

chapter 2|10 pages

The Epidemiology and Risk Factors for Falls among Older Adults

ByJudy A. Stevens, David A. Sleet, Grant T. Baldwin, Rita K. Noonan

chapter 3|12 pages

Fall Prevention in Nursing Homes

ByLaurence Z. Rubenstein, Rosalba Arauz Rivera

chapter 4|22 pages

Fall Risk Characteristics in the Construction Industry

ByXiuwen Sue Dong, Xuanwen Wang, Julie A. Largay, Bruce Lippy, Chris Trahan Cain, Erich Pete Stafford, James W. Platner

part |2 pages

Section II Sciences behind Human Falls and Injury Risk

chapter 5|12 pages

Vision Impairment and Fall Risk in the Elderly

ByPhilippe Lacherez, Stephen R. Lord

chapter 6|24 pages

Influence of Personal Protective Equipment Use on Fall Risk

BySharon S. Chiou, Paul R. Keane

chapter 8|10 pages

Suspension Trauma and Fall-Arrest Harness Design

ByHongwei Hsiao

chapter 9|22 pages

Fall Risk Associated with Restricted and Elevated Support Surfaces

ByPeter Simeonov

chapter 10|16 pages

Role of Support Surfaces in Preventing Slip, Trip, and Fall Injuries

ByKurt E. Beschorner, Mark S. Redfern

part |2 pages

Section III Research on Slips, Trips, and Falls

chapter 11|16 pages

Hazard Concept and Falls

BySylvie Leclercq

chapter 12|22 pages

Friction Measurement: Methods and Applications

ByWen-Ruey Chang

chapter 13|26 pages

Stairway Safety Research

ByHisao Nagata

chapter 14|18 pages

Improving Balance Control: Current State and Practices

ByKari Dunning, Ashutosh Mani, Amit Bhattacharya

chapter 15|30 pages

Ladder Safety: Research, Control, and Practice

ByPeter Simeonov

chapter 16|20 pages

Aerial Lift Safety Research and Practice

ByChristopher S. Pan

chapter 17|20 pages

Falls from Commercial Vehicles: Safety Research, Control, and Practice

ByK. Han Kim, Matthew P. Reed

part |2 pages

Section IV: Practical Applications of Prevention and Protection Tools and Methods

chapter 18|8 pages

Fall Rescue: Training and Practice

chapter 19|20 pages

Slip and Fall Controls for Pedestrian and Community Safety

BySteven Di Pilla

chapter 20|28 pages

Research Approaches to the Prevention and Protection of Patient Falls

ByJanice Morse, Andrew Merry, Don Bloswick

chapter 21|18 pages

Slips, Trips, and Falls in the Firefighting Community

ByDavid Hostler, Gavin Horn

part |2 pages

Section V Fall Incident Investigation and Reconstruction

chapter 22|14 pages

Fall Forensics: Principles and Applications

ByHarvey Cohen, Joseph Cohen

chapter 23|12 pages

Case Studies of Falls on Stairs

ByDaniel Johnson

chapter 24|12 pages

Enhancing Safety Awareness among Roofing Workers

ByYu-Hsiu Hung

chapter 25|14 pages

Case Studies on Fall from Elevated Devices among Fire Fighters

ByTimothy Merinar

part |2 pages

Section VI: Knowledge Gaps, Emerging Issues, and Recommendations for Fall Protection Research and Fall Mitigation

chapter 27|22 pages

Knowledge Gaps and Emerging Issues for Fall Control in Construction

ByG. Scott Earnest, Christine M. Branche

chapter 28|18 pages

Taking a Human Factors Systems Approach to Slips, Trips, and Falls Risks in Care Environments

BySue Hignett, Laurie Wolf, Ellen Taylor

chapter 29|14 pages

Prevention of Slips, Trips, and Falls among Hospital Workers

ByJames W. Collins, Jennifer L. Bell, Christina Socias