Geriatric Rehabilitation addresses the fact that this is an age in which individuals have increasing longevity, better health care, education and expectations of health care which present new, increasing and even radical challenges to health care providers.

The care of our older patients in rehabilitation settings demands the broad understanding of the key differences in strategies to care for older adults. The combined skills embraced in rehabilitation and geriatrics are presenting unprecedented opportunities for both fields to make substantive and even ground-breaking improvements in the lives of millions of older adults who entrust their lives to us. Rarely in one’s medical career are such opportunities so evident and achievable.

Geriatric Rehabilitation edited by Dr. K. Rao Poduri, MD. FAAPMR draws on a distinguished group of authors who are the front-line providers of care to the older adults. This book presents the full spectrum of the unique care needs of older patients who need the combined skills of physical medicine and geriatrics. It provides an easily accessible means of acquiring and improving these new skills for all those involved in geriatric care.

section I|2 pages

Basics of Aging

chapter 1|6 pages

Demographics, Biology, and Physiology

ByK. Rao Poduri

chapter 2|22 pages

Geriatric Assessment and the Physical Examination of the Older Adult

ByBilal Ahmed, Yvonne J. Braver

chapter 3|15 pages

Psychosocial Assessment

ByJennifer Anne Fleeman

chapter 4|18 pages

Functional Assessment and Measures

ByDeepthi S. Saxena

chapter 5|17 pages

Pharmacology in Geriatric Rehabilitation

ByKristin Meyer, Tina Thornhill, Lindsey Garner

chapter 6|24 pages

Exercise in the Older Adult

BySusan Garstang

section II|2 pages

Geriatric Syndromes

chapter 7|9 pages


ByAllen Egan

chapter 8|12 pages


ByCorey Romesser

chapter 9|21 pages

Urinary Incontinence in Older Adults

ByNicole Strong, Sara Z. Salim, Jean L. Nickels, K. Rao Poduri

chapter 10|6 pages

Falls and Gait Impairment

ByKristen Thornton, Thomas V. Caprio

chapter 11|16 pages

Pressure Ulcers in Older Adults

ByHuma Naqvi

chapter 12|21 pages

Pain and Its Management in Older Adults

ByAnnie Philip, Diya Goorah, Rajbala Thakur

chapter 13|14 pages

Polypharmacy and Rational Prescribing

Finding the “Golden Mean” for the “Silver Tsunami”
ByMikhail Zhukalin, Christopher J. Williams, Michael Reed, Dale C. Strasser

chapter 14|21 pages

Sleep Disorders in Older Adults

ByArmando Miciano, David Berbrayer

section III|2 pages

Systemic Disorders in Geriatric Rehabilitation

chapter 15|14 pages

Dysphagia in Older Adults and Its Management

BySandhya Seshadri

chapter 16|15 pages

Vision Impairment and Its Management in Older Adults

ByRajeev S. Ramchandran, Holly B. Hindman, Silvia Sörensen

chapter 17|19 pages

Arthritis and Common Musculoskeletal Conditions

ByJennifer H. Paul, Katarzyna Iwan, Claudia Ramirez

chapter 18|23 pages

Osteoporosis and Exercise in the Older Adult

ByRoger P. Rossi, Talya K. Fleming, Krishna J. Urs, Sara J. Cuccurullo

chapter 19|19 pages

Diabetes in Older Adults and Its Management

BySusanne U. Miedlich, Steven D. Wittlin

chapter 20|17 pages

Cardiovascular Disease

ByMatthew Dounel, K. Rao Poduri

chapter 21|23 pages

Pulmonary Disease in the Geriatric Population

ByMary Anne M. Morgan

chapter 22|17 pages

Geriatric Strokes and Brain Injuries

ByJean L. Nickels, Maya Modzelewska

chapter 23|15 pages

Cancer Rehabilitation

BySusan Maltser, B. Allyn Behling-Rosa

chapter 24|16 pages

Spinal Cord Injury in Older Adults

ByPhilippines G. Cabahug, Albert C. Recio, Jeffrey B. Palmer

chapter 25|10 pages

Parkinson’s Disease and Rehabilitation

ByBiemiller Rachel A., Irene Hegeman Richard

chapter 26|12 pages

Aging and Intellectual/Developmental Disabilities

ByKathleen M. Bishop

section IV|2 pages

Health Maintenance, Caregiving, and Postacute Rehabilitation

chapter 27|12 pages

Inpatient Rehabilitation Acute, Subacute, and in Community Settings

ByDeepthi S. Saxena

chapter 28|32 pages

Complementary and Alternative Medicine in Older Adults

ByB. Allyn Behling-Rosa

chapter 29|11 pages

Assistive Technology for Older Adults

ByMarcia J. Scherer

chapter 30|14 pages

Ethical Issues in Older Adults

ByRichard A. Demme, Sussman Bernard, Margie Hodges Shaw

chapter 31|13 pages

Palliative Care and End-of-Life Issues

ByRashmi Khadilkar, Hilary Yehling, Quill Timothy E.

chapter 32|5 pages

Economics of Geriatric Rehabilitation

ByK. Rao Poduri

chapter 33|4 pages

Aging Gracefully A Global Perspective

ByBrian Tucker, K. Rao Poduri