This book presents the latest theory, developments, and applications related to high resolution materials-penetrating sensor systems. An international team of expert researchers explains the problems and solutions for developing new techniques and applications. Subject areas include ultrawideband (UWB) signals propagation and scattering, materials-penetrating radar techniques for small object detection and imaging, biolocation using holographic techniques, tomography, medical applications, nondestructive testing methods, electronic warfare principles, through-the-wall radar propagation effects, and target identification through measuring the target return signal spectrum changes.

chapter 1|18 pages

Introduction to Advanced Ultrawideband Radar Systems

ByJames D. Taylor

chapter 2|46 pages

Advances in Short-Range Distance and Permittivity Ground-Penetrating Radar Measurements for Road Surface Surveying

ByGennadiy P. Pochanin, Sergey A. Masalov, Vadym P. Ruban, Pavlo V. Kholod, Dmitriy O. Batrakov, Angelika G. Batrakova, Liudmyla A. Varianytsia-Roshchupkina, Sergey N. Urdzik, and Oleksandr G. Pochanin

chapter 3|40 pages

Signals, Targets, and Advanced Ultrawideband Radar Systems

ByJames D. Taylor, Anatoliy Boryssenko, Elen Boryssenko

chapter 4|90 pages

Ultrawideband (UWB) Time–Frequency Signal Processing

ByTerence W. Barrett

chapter 5|42 pages

Modeling of Ultrawideband (UWB) Impulse Scattering by Aerial and Subsurface Resonant Objects Based on Integral Equation Solving

ByOleg I. Sukharevsky, Gennady S. Zalevsky, Vitaly A. Vasilets

chapter 6|34 pages

Nondestructive Testing of Aeronautics Composite Structures Using Ultrawideband Radars

ByEdison Cristofani, Fabian Friederich, Marijke Vandewal, Joachim Jonuscheit

chapter 7|26 pages

Modeling of UWB Radar Signals for Bioradiolocation

ByLanbo Liu

chapter 8|26 pages

Bioradiolocation as a Technique for Remote Monitoring of Vital Signs

ByLesya Anishchenko, Timothy Bechtel, Sergey Ivashov, Maksim Alekhin, Alexander Tataraidze, and Igor Vasiliev

chapter 9|40 pages

Noise Radar Techniques and Progress

ByRam M. Narayanan

chapter 10|24 pages

Prototype UWB Radar Object Scanner and Holographic Signal Processing

ByLorenzo Capineri, Timothy Bechtel, Pierluigi Falorni, Masaharu Inagaki, Sergey Ivashov, and Colin Windsor

chapter 11|30 pages

Ultrawideband Sense-through- the-Wall Radar Technology

ByFauzia Ahmad, Traian Dogaru, Moeness Amin

chapter 12|42 pages

Wideband Wide Beam Motion Sensing

ByFrançois Le Chevalier