Doctors, as strong, clever, resourceful professionals, are heir to human frailty and illness, like anyone else. This book is about diagnosable, label-able mental illness such as eating disorders, affective disorders and, sometimes, psychosis. More than that, it is a book about doctors, many fully-functioning, practising doctors, who suffer from these illnesses, and the unique insights and problems that arise when the doctor is the patient, especially when questions of insight and judgement are blurred.

part Part One|57 pages

The Stories

chapter Chapter 1|4 pages

Setting the scene

ByPetre Jones

chapter Chapter 2|2 pages

Personal view

BySally Mason

chapter Chapter 3|2 pages

Accepting who you are/learning a new identity

chapter Chapter 4|3 pages

Depression has many faces

ByBelinda Brewer

chapter Chapter 5|3 pages

Life can only be understood backwards

chapter Chapter 6|2 pages

Hope beyond …

chapter Chapter 7|2 pages

Until 1996

ByRachel Vickers

chapter Chapter 8|2 pages

My foster mother was dying

chapter Chapter 9|5 pages

Inside every doctor is a patient

ByJoanna Watson

chapter Chapter 10|2 pages

Running on empty

ByNikki Paiba

chapter Chapter 11|2 pages

Since childhood

ByPetre Jones

chapter Chapter 12|2 pages

Telling the story

chapter Chapter 13|2 pages

The other side of the sheets: a special case?

chapter Chapter 14|11 pages

Themes from the stories

ByPetre Jones

chapter Chapter 15|7 pages

Issues in treatment

ByPetre Jones

part Part Two|44 pages

What's It Like?

chapter Chapter 16|6 pages

Stigma and discrimination

ByLizzie Miller, Petre Jones

chapter Chapter 17|6 pages

Easily misunderstood experiences

ByPetre Jones, Fiona Donnolly

chapter Chapter 18|12 pages

Key issues for medical students and schools

chapter Chapter 19|5 pages

Being a doctor with an illness to patients with an illness

ByHelen Cox, Petre Jones

chapter Chapter 20|4 pages

GMC Health Procedures and the sick doctor

ByBelinda Brewer

chapter Chapter 21|8 pages

Reflections on illness and health

ByPetre Jones, Joanna Watson, Helen Johnson

part Part Three|87 pages

Dealing With It

chapter Chapter 22|9 pages

Ongoing support and relapse prevention

ByPetre Jones, Belinda Brewer

chapter Chapter 23|8 pages

Ideas for the dark days

ByJoy Pope

chapter Chapter 24|7 pages

Flexible ways of being a GP

ByPetre Jones

chapter Chapter 25|4 pages

The financial cost of illness

ByDeclan Fox

chapter Chapter 26|10 pages

Mental health and employment

ByGiselle Martinez

chapter Chapter 27|5 pages

Doctors' Support Network

ByLizzie Miller

chapter Chapter 28|39 pages


ByHeike Haffmans