The General Practice Jigsaw provides comprehensive and up-to-date information on the future of education training and professional development in general practice and primary care. It is an anthology of work produced by many of the leading figures in general practice across the United Kingdom. General practice now faces challenges that could be seen as threatening the way it traditionally operates but can also be seen as presenting opportunities. This book provides inspiration and guidance to its readers and fuel for the challenges ahead. It shares knowledge and best practice on education teaching and professional development drawing on examples from local regional and national projects. It is essential reading for general practitioners involved in education and training for everyone who needs to know how revalidation and professional development will influence them and for all members of primary health care teams who want to be involved in shaping the primary care organisations of the future.

chapter |10 pages


part 1|2 pages

The UK, Europe and international

part 3|3 pages

Priorities for health

chapter 14|8 pages

Tobacco: current issues

chapter 18|8 pages

Mental health

chapter 19|9 pages


chapter 20|11 pages


part 4|2 pages

Public health in practice

chapter 27|4 pages

The role of public health nursing

chapter 28|7 pages

Dental public health

chapter 31|8 pages

Academic public health

part 6|8 pages

Looking to the future: what next for public health?