This book covers the basic science and neurobiology of violence and integrates this with clinical, legal, and ethical aspects of forensic psychiatry.

  • Unique text which integrates the basic sciences, clinical, legal, and ethical aspects
  • Highly illustrated. Numerous colour images in the basic sciences section further explain the text
  • Succinct yet comprehensive coverage for instant access to the information

The book is designed for postgraduate trainees in psychiatry wishing to specialise in forensic psychiatry, specialists in forensic psychiatry, mental health, criminal lawyers, and forensic psychologists. It will be an invaluable reference work for clinical psychologists, criminologists, sociologists, and other professionals working with forensic psychiatric patients such as members of the probation service, social workers, and nursing staff.

chapter |2 pages

Part 1 Basic Sciences

chapter 1|12 pages

Functional Neuroanatomy

ByBasant K. Puri

chapter 2|6 pages


ByBasant K. Puri

chapter 3|8 pages

Structural Neuroimaging

ByBasant K. Puri

chapter 4|8 pages

fMRI and PET

ByBasant K. Puri

chapter 5|2 pages


ByBasant K. Puri

chapter 6|6 pages


ByYu Gao

chapter 7|6 pages

Sleep Science

ByChristopher Idzikowski, Irshaad O. Ebrahim

chapter 8|12 pages

Developmental Psychology

ByNathalia L. Gjersoe, Catriona Havard

chapter 9|8 pages

Psychology of Memory and Cognition

ByMartin A. Conway, Mark L. Howe, Lauren M. Knott

chapter 10|6 pages

Psychology of Aggression and Violence

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 11|10 pages


ByKalpana Elizabeth Dein, Simon Dein

chapter 12|12 pages

Culture and Forensic Psychiatry

ByGurvinder S. Kalra, Dinesh Bhugra, Nilesh Shah

chapter 13|6 pages


ByDarrick Jolliffe, Stevie-Jade Hardy

chapter 14|6 pages

Values-based Practice

ByK. W. M. (Bill) Fulford and Gwen Adshead

chapter 15|4 pages


ByBasant K. Puri

chapter 16|8 pages


ByBasant K. Puri

chapter |2 pages

Part 2 Clinical Forensic Psychiatry

chapter 17|10 pages

History of Forensic Psychiatry and Mental Health Law

ByIan H. Treasaden, Basant K. Puri

chapter 18|8 pages

Relationship Between Mental Disorder and Crime: An Overview

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 19|10 pages

Organic Mental Disorder

ByBasant K. Puri

chapter 20|6 pages

Psychosis and Violence

ByTom Clark

chapter 21|6 pages

Mood Disorders

ByCamilla Haw

chapter 22|8 pages

Substance Abuse

ByBasant K. Puri, Ian H. Treasaden

chapter 23|8 pages


BySanju George, Henrietta Bowden-Jones

chapter 24|16 pages

Personality Disorders

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 25|6 pages


ByBasant K. Puri

chapter 26|6 pages

Adjustment Disorders

ByPatricia Casey

chapter 27|8 pages

Malingering and Factitious Disorder

ByJames L. Knoll, Phillip J. Resnick

chapter 28|8 pages

Learning Disability

chapter 29|6 pages

Asperger’s Syndrome

ByDavid Murphy

chapter 30|6 pages

Forensic Aspects of Adhd

BySusan Young, Rafael A. González

chapter 31|8 pages


ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 32|6 pages

National Confidential Inquiry into Homicide

ByMohammad Shaiyan Rahman, Jenny Shaw

chapter 33|4 pages

Serial/spree/mass Killings

ByJack Levin

chapter 34|6 pages

Violence Toward Spouse or Intimate Partner

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 35|4 pages

Violence Toward Children

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 36|6 pages

Violence Toward Older Adults

BySusan Mary Benbow, Paul Kingston

chapter 37|6 pages

Violence in the Workplace

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 38|4 pages

Road Rage

ByChristine M. Wickens, Robert E. Mann, Jennifer Butters, Reginald G. Smart, Gina Stoduto

chapter 39|4 pages


ByJames Barrett

chapter 40|6 pages


ByAnne A. Lawrence

chapter 41|18 pages


ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 42|6 pages


ByRoss M. Bartels, Anthony R. Beech, Leigh Harkins

chapter 43|6 pages


ByHeather Wood

chapter 44|6 pages

Fire Setting (arson) and Criminal Damage

ByGeoffrey L. Dickens, Philip Sugarman

chapter 46|8 pages

Hostage Taking

ByDavid A. Alexander

chapter 47|6 pages


BySimon Dein

chapter 48|6 pages

Morbid Jealousy

ByPreeti Chhabra

chapter 49|6 pages


ByRobin P. D. Menzies

chapter 50|6 pages


ByDavid V. James, Rachel D. MacKenzie

chapter 51|4 pages

Munchausen Syndrome

ByJohn D. Sheehan

chapter 52|6 pages

Munchausen Syndrome by Proxy

ByThomas A. Roesler, Carole Jenny

chapter 53|6 pages

Juvenile Delinquency

BySharon Davies, Claire Dimond

chapter 54|6 pages

Adolescent Sex Offenders

ByJames Rokop, Douglas P. Boer

chapter 55|6 pages

The Clinical Care of Women in Secure Hospital Services

ByAnnie Bartlett

chapter 56|6 pages

Elderly Offenders

ByGraeme A. Yorston

chapter 57|6 pages

Ethnic Minority Offenders

ByDavid Ndegwa

chapter 58|4 pages

Deaf Offenders with Mental Health Needs

BySimon Gibbon, Amy Izycky, Manjit Gahir

chapter 59|6 pages

Military Psychiatry

ByMartin Deahl

chapter 60|6 pages

Asylum Seekers

ByHeather McKee, Ian H. Treasaden

chapter 61|6 pages

The Criminal Justice System Of England And Wales

ByNatalie Wortley

chapter 62|6 pages

Police and Criminal Evidence Act

ByKevin Kerrigan

chapter 63|4 pages

Mentally Disordered Detainees at The Police Station

ByFrank Farnham, David V. James

chapter 64|6 pages

Court Diversion and Liaison

ByJohn A. Dent

chapter 65|12 pages

Criminal Proceedings and Sentencing

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 66|2 pages

Forensic Social Work and Safeguarding Adults at Risk of Harm

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 67|6 pages

The Parole Board

ByClaire Barkley

chapter 69|6 pages

Fitness to Plead

ByTim Exworthy, Penelope Brown

chapter 70|4 pages

Not guilty by reason of insanity (McNaughten rules)

ByRafiq Memon

chapter 71|8 pages

Diminished Responsibility

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 72|6 pages

The Defense of Loss of Control

ByRaana Din

chapter 73|6 pages


ByMichael C. Craig

chapter 74|4 pages


ByIrshaad O. Ebrahim, Christopher Idzikowski

chapter 75|6 pages


ByNatalie Pyszora, Michael Kopelman

chapter 76|2 pages


ByBasant K. Puri, Ian H. Treasaden

chapter 77|4 pages

False Confessions and Suggestibility

ByGisli H. Gudjonsson

chapter 78|6 pages

Psychiatric Aspects of Miscarriages of Justice

ByAdrian Grounds

chapter 79|4 pages

Mental Capacity Act 2005

ByRobert Brown

chapter 80|6 pages

Mental Health Act 1983

ByRobert Brown

chapter 81|10 pages

Mental Health Tribunals

ByCarole Burrell

chapter 82|4 pages

Care Quality Commission

ByRobert Brown

chapter 83|4 pages

Clinical Assessment

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 84|8 pages

Psychological Testing

ByDerek Perkins, Daz Bishopp

chapter 85|6 pages


ByHannah Crisford, Hayley Dare

chapter 86|4 pages

Drug Screening

ByBasant K. Puri, Ian H. Treasaden

chapter 87|6 pages


ByJohn Lumsden

chapter 88|4 pages


ByBasant K. Puri

chapter 89|10 pages

Risk Assessment: An Overview

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 90|6 pages

Violence Assessment Over The Short Term

ByJohann Brink, Christopher D. Webster, Tonia L. Nicholls, Sarah L. Desmarais, Mary-Lou Martin

chapter 91|10 pages

Sexual Violence

ByDerek Perkins, Anisah Ebrahimjee

chapter 92|6 pages

Report Writing For The Criminal Court

ByJohn O’Grady

chapter 93|8 pages

Practical Aspects of Psychiatric Report Writing For The Criminal Courts

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 94|8 pages

Report Writing For The First-tier Tribunal

ByJoan Rutherford

chapter 95|2 pages

Report Writing For The Coroner’s Court

ByLorna M. Tagliavini

chapter |2 pages

Part 5 Giving Evidence

chapter 96|6 pages

Expert Evidence in Criminal and Civil Courts

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 97|6 pages

Giving Evidence For The First-tier Tribunal

ByJoan Rutherford

chapter 98|2 pages

Giving Evidence For The Coroner’s Court

ByLorna M. Tagliavini

chapter 99|6 pages

Capital Punishment

ByClarence Watson, Gregory B. Leong, Spencer Eth

chapter |2 pages


chapter 100|6 pages

High-security Hospitals: Ashworth, Broadmoor, and Rampton

ByKevin Murray

chapter 101|6 pages

Medium Secure Units

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 102|6 pages

Low-security and Intensive Care Units

ByStephen Dye, Roland Dix, Faisil Sethi

chapter 103|4 pages

The Uk Private Sector in Forensic Psychiatry

ByPiyal Sen, Philip Sugarman

chapter 104|10 pages

DSPD Units In The Hospital

ByGeoffrey Ijomah

chapter 105|4 pages

Personality Disorder Units in Prison

ByMalcolm Ramsay

chapter 106|6 pages

Forensic Mental Health Nursing

ByAnne Aiyegbusi

chapter 107|6 pages

Management of Forensic Psychiatry Facilities

ByNicholas Broughton

chapter 108|6 pages

Community Forensic Psychiatry

ByRamneesh Puri, Jeremy Kenney-Herbert

chapter 109|6 pages

Managing Personality Disorder in the Community

ByConor Duggan

chapter 110|6 pages

Psychopharmacology: Some Medicolegal Aspects

ByMalcolm Lader

chapter 111|6 pages

Cognitive Behavior Therapy

ByClive R. Hollin

chapter 112|6 pages

Dialectical Behavior Therapy In Forensic Settings

ByAndré Ivanoff and Henry Schmidt III

chapter 113|4 pages

Forensic Individual Psychotherapy

ByRonald Doctor, Leah Bruer Henen

chapter 114|14 pages

Group Psychotherapy

ByJohn Gordon, Gabriel Kirtchuk

chapter 115|8 pages

Interpersonal Dynamics In Forensic Psychiatry

ByGabriel Kirtchuk, David Reiss, Lakshmiramana Alla

chapter 116|6 pages

Family Therapy

ByJo Bownas

chapter 117|6 pages

Sex Offender Treatment Programs

ByJackie Craissati, Caoimhe McAnena

chapter 118|6 pages

Reasoning and Rehabilitation and Enhanced Thinking Skills

ByEstelle Moore, Catherine Farr, James Tapp, Gareth Hopkin

chapter 119|6 pages

Aggression Management

ByKelly Reynolds and Niamh O’dwyer

chapter |2 pages

Part 7 Prisons

chapter 120|6 pages

Types of Prisons and Security

ByIan Cumming

chapter 121|8 pages

Prevalence of Psychiatric Disorder in Prisons

ByBasant K. Puri

chapter 122|6 pages

Suicide in Prisons

ByAmanda E. Perry

chapter 123|4 pages

Disability in Prisons

ByColin Goble, Sally French

chapter 124|8 pages

Women in Prisons

ByAnnie Bartlett, Nadia Somers

chapter 125|6 pages

Psychiatric Treatment in Prison

ByIan Cumming

chapter 126|4 pages

HMP Grendon

ByMark Morris

chapter 127|6 pages

TBS in the Netherlands

ByCorine de Ruiter and John Petrila

chapter |2 pages

Part 8 Victims

chapter 128|6 pages

Assessment of Psychological Sequelae

ByNuri Gene-Cos

chapter 129|6 pages

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder

ByLaura Pratchett, Rachel Yehuda

chapter 130|4 pages

Victims of Torture

ByMarianne Kastrup

chapter |2 pages

Part 9 Civil Matt Ers

chapter 131|8 pages

Civil Aspects of Forensic Psychiatry

ByIan H. Treasaden

chapter 132|8 pages

Termination of Pregnancy

ByPatricia Casey

chapter 133|6 pages


ByLars Davidsson

chapter 134|4 pages

Coroner’s Court and Inquests

ByLorna M. Tagliavini

chapter 135|4 pages

The General Medical Council: Fitness to Practice Procedures and Panels

ByEilish Gilvarry

chapter 136|2 pages


ByBasant K. Puri

chapter |2 pages

Part 10 Ethical Issues

chapter 137|4 pages


ByLars Davidsson

chapter 138|6 pages


ByLynn Hagger

chapter 139|6 pages

Duty to Warn

ByColin Gavaghan

chapter 140|6 pages

Human Rights Act of 1998

ByHelen Fenwick, Daniel Fenwick

chapter 141|6 pages

International Comparisons

ByBasant K. Puri