This book discusses some of the innumerable ways in which computational methods can be used to facilitate research in biology and medicine - from storing enormous amounts of biological data to solving complex biological problems and enhancing treatment of various grave diseases.

chapter 1|27 pages

Machine Learning

A Powerful Tool for Biologists
ByMohd Zafar, Ramkumar Lakshmi Narayanan, Saroj K. Meher, Shishir K. Behera

chapter 2|14 pages

Mining and Analysis of Bioprocess Data

ByPrerna Grover, Aditya Shah, Shampa Sen

chapter 3|10 pages

Data Mining in Nutrigenomics

ByAvipsha Sarkar, Shreyasi Kundu, Shakti Singh, Shampa Sen

chapter 4|19 pages

Machine Learning in Metabolic Engineering

BySayak Mitra

chapter 5|17 pages

Big Data and Transcriptomics

BySudharsana Sundarrajan, Sajitha Lulu, Mohanapriya Arumugam

chapter 6|22 pages

Comparative Study of Predictive Models in Microbial-Induced Corrosion

ByNitu Joseph, Debayan Mandal

chapter 7|19 pages

Application of Data Mining Techniques in Autoimmune Diseases Research and Treatment

BySweta Bhattacharya, Sombuddha Sengupta

chapter 8|11 pages

Data Mining Techniques in Imaging of Embryogenesis

ByDiptesh Mahajan, Gaurav K. Verma

chapter 9|21 pages

Machine Learning Approach to Overcome the Challenges in Theranostics

A Review
ByBishwambhar Mishra, Sayak Mitra, Karthikeya Srinivasa Varma Gottimukkala, Shampa Sen

chapter 10|14 pages

Emotion Detection System

ByAdrish Bhattacharya, Vibhash Chandra, Leonid Datta

chapter 11|11 pages

Segmentation and Clinical Outcome Prediction in Brain Lesions

BySharmila Nageswaran, S. Vidhya, Deepa Madathil

chapter 12|23 pages

Machine Learning Based Hospital-Acquired Infection Control System

BySehaj Sharma, Prajit Kumar Datta, Gaurav Bansal

chapter 13|11 pages

No Human Doctor

Learning of the Machine
ByLeonid Datta, Emilee Datta, Shampa Sen

chapter 14|18 pages

The IoT Revolution

ByAdrish Bhattacharya, Denim Datta

chapter 15|17 pages

Healthcare IoT (H-IoT)

Applications and Ethical Concerns
BySrijita Banerjee, Adrish Bhattacharya, Shampa Sen

chapter 16|22 pages

Brain–Computer Interface

ByAbhishek Mukherjee, Madhurima Gupta, Shampa Sen

chapter 17|12 pages

IoT-Based Wearable Medical Devices

ByAvitaj Mitra, Abanish Roy, Harshit Nanda, Riddhi Srivastava, M. Gayathri

chapter 18|13 pages

People with Disabilities

The Helping Hand of IoT
ByAshmita Das, Sayak Mitra, Shampa Sen

chapter 19|13 pages

Smart Analytical Lab

BySubhrodeep Saha, Sourish Sen, Bharti Singh, Shampa Sen

chapter 20|14 pages

Crop and Animal Farming IoT (CAF-IoT)

ByNeha Agnihotri, Soumyadipto Santra, Shampa Sen