Intervertebral disc degeneration is one of the major causes of lower back pain for which the common therapeutic interventions are not efficient. A search for alternative therapies for lower back pain and intervertebral disc degeneration includes cell-based therapies. Unfortunately, intervertebral disc degeneration is avascular and thus a hostile environment for cell survival. Furthermore, cellular characterization in intervertebral disc degeneration, and particularly in the nucleus pulposus, is controversial, mainly due to lack of specific markers and species variability. This book adds to the knowledge on cellular and molecular therapies for intervertebral disc degeneration and associated lower back pain.


Key Selling Features:

  • Describes the ontogeny and phenotype of intervertebral disc cells
  • Reviews the role that inflammation plays in disco-genic pain
  • Highlights the types of cells that might be used as sources for treating degenerating intervertebral discs
  • Summarizes current alternative therapies
  • Explores methods for cell delivery into degenerated intervertebral discs

chapter 1|17 pages

Intervertebral Disc Degeneration in Clinics

Therapeutic Challenges
ByPedro Santos Silva, Paulo Pereira, Rui Vaz

chapter 2|48 pages

Animal Models and Imaging of Intervertebral Disc Degeneration

ByMarion Fusellier, Johann Clouet, Olivier Gauthier, Catherine Le Visage, Jerome Guicheux

chapter 3|35 pages

Intervertebral Disc Whole Organ Cultures

How to Choose the Appropriate Model
BySebastian Wangler, Zhen Li, Sibylle Grad, Marianna Peroglio

chapter 4|33 pages

Adult Stem Cells for Intervertebral Disc Repair

ByEsther Potier, Delphine Logeart-Avramoglou

chapter 5|17 pages

Materials for Cell Delivery in Degenerated Intervertebral Disc

ByJoana Silva-Correia, Joaquim Miguel Oliveira, Rui Luís Reis

chapter 6|28 pages

Cell Recruitment for Intervertebral Disc

ByCatarina Leite Pereira, Sibylle Grad, Mário Adolfo Barbosa, Raquel M. Gonçalves

chapter 7|48 pages

Immunomodulation in Degenerated Intervertebral Disc

ByGraciosa Q. Teixeira, Mário Adolfo Barbosa, Raquel M. Gonçalves

chapter 8|23 pages

Gene Delivery for Intervertebral Disc

ByGianluca Vadalà, Luca Ambrosio, Vincenzo Denaro