This encyclopedia, written by authoritative experts under the guidance of an international panel of key researchers from academia, national laboratories, and industry, is a comprehensive reference covering all major aspects of metallurgical science and engineering of aluminum and its alloys. Topics covered include extractive metallurgy, powder metallurgy (including processing), physical metallurgy, production engineering, corrosion engineering, thermal processing (processes such as metalworking and welding, heat treatment, rolling, casting, hot and cold forming), surface engineering and structure such as crystallography and metallography.

chapter |12 pages

Brazing of Aluminum Alloys

chapter |21 pages

Casting Designs

chapter |27 pages


chapter |52 pages

Chemical Milling of Aluminum

chapter |19 pages

Designing for Aluminum

chapter |28 pages

Designing with Aluminum Alloys

chapter |41 pages

Die Casting Process Design

chapter |20 pages

Entrainment Defects

chapter |61 pages


chapter |15 pages


chapter |19 pages

Introduction to Aluminum

chapter |27 pages


chapter |16 pages

Melt Quality Assessment

chapter |4 pages

MIG Welding of Aluminum Alloys

chapter |27 pages

Molten Metal Processing

chapter |4 pages

Porosity in Aluminum Welds

chapter |30 pages

Properties of Pure Aluminum

chapter |11 pages

Pulsed TIG Welding of Aluminum

chapter |27 pages

Recrystallization and Grain Growth

chapter |4 pages

Steel: Aluminum Coatings

chapter |29 pages

Superplastic Forming

chapter |6 pages

Welding Aluminium Die Castings