With the increasing need and demand for fresh fruits and vegetables, the field of postharvest science is continuously evolving. Endeavors are being made by scientists involved in postharvest research for maintenance of the quality and safety of fresh horticultural produce to enhance the postharvest life and to extend the availability of the produce in both time and space. This volume, Emerging Postharvest Treatment of Fruits and Vegetables, addresses the demand for the development and application of effective technologies for preservation of perishable food products, particularly fresh fruits and vegetables. It provides an abundance of up-to-date information about postharvest treatments. The chapters discuss a number of innovative technologies to prolong and enhance postharvest fruits and vegetables.

This book will be valuable for those concerned with horticulture and postharvest technology. It provides essential information for students, teachers, professors, scientists, and entrepreneurs engaged in fresh horticultural produce handling related to this field.

chapter 5|14 pages

Nitric Oxide for Enhancing Storage Life of Fruits and Vegetables

ByShuhua Zhu, Lili Zhang, Changbao Chen, Jie Zhou

chapter 6|20 pages

Nanotechnology in Packaging of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

ByOvais Shafiq Qadri, Kaiser Younis, Gaurav Srivastava, Abhaya Kumar Srivastava

chapter 7|46 pages

Biological Control of Postharvest Diseases

ByR. R. Sharma, S. Vijay Rakesh Reddy

chapter 8|64 pages

Application of Ozone as a Postharvest Treatment

BySerdar Öztekin

chapter 11|36 pages

Essential Oils and Plant Extracts as Natural Antimicrobial Agents

ByA. García Heredia, J. E. Dávila-Aviña, C. Zoellner, L. E. Garcia-Amezquita, N. Heredia

chapter 12|24 pages

Polyamines for Preserving Postharvest Quality

BySwati Sharma, Anil Kumar Singh, Sanjay Kumar Singh, Kalyan Barman, Sunil Kumar