The International Symposium on Dynamics of Vehicles on Roads and Tracks is the leading international gathering of scientists and engineers from academia and industry in the field of ground vehicle dynamics to present and exchange their latest innovations and breakthroughs. Established in Vienna in 1977, the International Association of Vehicle System Dynamics (IAVSD) has since held its biennial symposia throughout Europe and in the USA, Canada, Japan, South Africa and China. The main objectives of IAVSD are to promote the development of the science of vehicle dynamics and to encourage engineering applications of this field of science, to inform scientists and engineers on the current state-of-the-art in the field of vehicle dynamics and to broaden contacts among persons and organisations of the various countries engaged in scientific research and development in the field of vehicle dynamics and related areas.

IAVSD 2017, the 25th Symposium of the International Association of Vehicle System Dynamics was hosted by the Centre for Railway Engineering at Central Queensland University, Rockhampton, Australia in August 2017. The symposium focused on the following topics related to road and rail vehicles and trains: dynamics and stability; vibration and comfort; suspension; steering; traction and braking; active safety systems; advanced driver assistance systems; autonomous road and rail vehicles; adhesion and friction; wheel-rail contact; tyre-road interaction; aerodynamics and crosswind; pantograph-catenary dynamics; modelling and simulation; driver-vehicle interaction; field and laboratory testing; vehicle control and mechatronics; performance and optimization; instrumentation and condition monitoring; and environmental considerations.

Providing a comprehensive review of the latest innovative developments and practical applications in road and rail vehicle dynamics, the 213 papers now published in these proceedings will contribute greatly to a better understanding of related problems and will serve as a reference for researchers and engineers active in this specialised field. Volume 1 contains 78 papers under the subject heading Road.

part 1|294 pages


chapter 2|7 pages

Optimal control of brakes and steering for autonomous collision avoidance

ByYangyan Gao, Timothy Gordon, Mathias Lidberg

chapter 3|6 pages

Influence of vehicle body motion on the effects of G-Vectoring control

ByM. Yamakado, R. Tanaka, Y. Kano, M. Abe, Y. Suzuki, S. Kosaka, W. Cheng

chapter 5|6 pages

The effect of the front-to-rear wheel torque distribution on vehicle handling: An experimental assessment

ByF. Bucchi, B. Lenzo, F. Frendo, W. De Nijs, A. Sorniotti

chapter 6|6 pages

Dynamic rollover characteristics of personal mobility vehicles with lean mechanism

ByT. Kaneko, I. Kageyama, T. Haraguchi

chapter 7|7 pages

Design and control of model based steering feel reference in an electric power assisted steering system

ByT. Chugh, W. Chen, M. Klomp, S. Ran, M. Lidberg

chapter 8|6 pages

K&C-based approach for examination of superposition errors

ByM.G. Reisner, G. Prokop, H. Langhoff, H. Krome

chapter 9|6 pages

Mass properties of cars—an investigation

ByGiorgio Previati, Massimiliano Gobbi, Giampiero Mastinu

chapter 11|6 pages

Passive road vehicle suspensions—fundamental and unaddressed topics

ByGiampiero Mastinu, Massimiliano Gobbi, Kesavan Ramakhrishnan, Liunan Yang, Federico Ballo

chapter 12|6 pages

Ride comfort for the articulated truck drivers crossing raised rail-road crossings

ByZheshuo Zhang, Manicka Dhanasekar, David P. Thambiratnam, Liang Ling

chapter 13|6 pages

A vehicle-human model for analysis of ride comfort predominated with vertical and pitch motions

ByH. Zhou, Y. Qiu, R. Lot, J.D. Gao, J.S. Yang

chapter 14|6 pages

A unified approach to rollover prevention based on control allocation

ByDong Zhang, Timothy Gordon, Yangyan Gao, Rui Zhang

chapter 15|6 pages

Torque optimal allocation control based on a electro-hydraulic brake system equipped vehicle

ByW. Han, L. Xiong, Z. Yu, Y. Hou

chapter 16|6 pages

Robust control of active trailer steering systems for long combination vehicles

ByTushita Sikder, Saurabh Kapoor, Yuping He

chapter 17|7 pages

An active fault-tolerant controller for overactuated electric vehicles

ByRicardo de Castro, Lok Man Ho, Jonathan Brembeck

chapter 19|8 pages

Analysis of camber control and torque vectoring to improve vehicle energy efficiency

ByP. Sun, A. Stensson Trigell, L. Drugge, J. Jerrelind, M. Jonasson

chapter 20|6 pages

Human centric vehicle development using advanced real-time all-in-the-loop simulators

ByD. Minen, F. Martini, M. Scarsini, E. Valvason, A. Costa Neto

chapter 21|6 pages

A shared-control-based driver assistance system using steering guidance torque combined direct yaw-moment control

ByS. Inoue, T. Nasu, T. Hayashi, H. Sasaki, P. Raksincharoensak, M. Nagai, H. Inoue

chapter 22|8 pages

Identifying driver skills based on driver models for multi-trailer heavy vehicle

ByJ. Brown, Y. He, H. Lang

chapter 23|7 pages

Tyre and soil contribution to tyre traction characteristic

ByA.F. Andreev, V.V. Vantsevich

chapter 24|6 pages

Tyre type dependent transient force behaviour by means of a Maxwell model

ByA. Hackl, W. Hirschberg, C. Lex, G. Rill

chapter 25|6 pages

Conversion of a tribological based wheel-rail creep force model to tires running on different road conditions

ByK. Six, A. Kerschbaumer, A. Meierhofer, B. Suhr, M. Rosenberger

chapter 26|7 pages

A study of parameter identification for a thermal-mechanical tire model based on flat track measurements

ByFrancesco Calabrese, Christian Ludwig, Manfred Bäcker, Axel Gallrein

chapter 27|7 pages

The developmental model for generalized multi-axle vehicle handling

ByX. Chen, K.H. Guo

chapter 30|7 pages

Integrated control of differential drive assisted steer and TVC for a DDEV

ByB. Leng, L. Xiong, Z. Yu

chapter 32|7 pages

Design and control of the steering torque feedback in a vehicle driving simulator

ByW. Chen, T. Chugh, M. Klomp, S. Ran, M. Lidberg

chapter 33|6 pages

Rack force estimation for control of steer-by-wire system by disturbance observer

ByXiaodong Wu, Mingming Zhang, Chang Ye

chapter 34|6 pages

A data-driven behavior generation algorithm in car-following scenarios

ByYihuan Zhang, Jun Wang, Qin Lin, Sicco Verwer, John M. Dolan

chapter 35|6 pages

Study on construction of driver model for obstacle avoidance using risk potential

ByIchiro Kageyama, Yukiyo Kuriyagawa, Atsushi Tsubouchi

chapter 36|8 pages

A study on vehicle dynamics and driver model to improve driver’s line traceability in cornering

ByMitsunori Tao, Toshiyuki Sugimachi, Yoshihiro Suda, Daisuke Kato, Koji Shibata, Jinshuo Li

chapter 37|6 pages

Tyre measurements and modelling for parking manoeuvres

ByS. Ran, M. Klomp, E. Bakker

chapter 38|5 pages

Sensitivity of tyre simulation to road profile measurement resolution

ByP.Schalk Els, O. Scholtz

chapter 39|6 pages

Instantaneous compression-based tyre rolling radius

ByV.V. Vantsevich, J. Paldan, M. Verma

chapter 40|6 pages

Study on sensing of road surface condition by quasi-electrostatic field technology

ByK. Kouno, K. Takiguchi, Y. Suda, Y. Kitagawa

chapter 41|6 pages

Real-time localization method for autonomous vehicle using 3D-LIDAR

ByYihuan Zhang, Liang Wang, Jun Wang, John M. Dolan

chapter 42|6 pages

State/control constraint management in autonomous racing: A reference governor approach

ByE. Joa, K. Yi, S. Woo, S. Im

chapter 43|6 pages

Hierarchical control for reference trajectory tracking of autonomous vehicles

ByR. Zhang, L. Xiong, Z. Yu

chapter 44|6 pages

Hierarchical model predictive control with human factor constraints

ByJ.S. Hellewell, A.A. Popov, G.E. Burnett

chapter 45|6 pages

An alternate model for tracks in vehicle dynamic study of a high speed tracked vehicle

ByIlango Mahalingam, Chandramouli Padmanabhan

chapter 47|4 pages

Stability analysis of a two-wheel personal mobility vehicle with non-identical wheel axis

ByJ.T.C. Tan, T. Yamashita, S. Misawa, Y. Suda

chapter 48|6 pages

Torsional vibration simulation in commercial vehicle powertrains

ByC. Braun, A. Lion, J. Fleischhacker

chapter 49|6 pages

Optimal powertrain design and control of an electric race car

ByH.L. Yu, F. Catelli-Dezza, D. Tarsitano, F. Cheli

chapter 50|6 pages

Design cycles for a given driving mission

ByS. Kharrazi, L. Nielsen, E. Frisk

chapter 53|6 pages

Incorporating transient cornering characteristics in target yaw-rate design for chassis control system

ByK. Park, E. Joa, Y. Koh, K. Yi, K. Sohn

chapter 54|6 pages

A fluid dynamics approach to motion control for rigid autonomous ground vehicles

ByMengxuan Song, Nan Wang, Jun Wang, Timothy Gordon

chapter 55|6 pages

A comprehensive algorithm for automatic emergency lane-change

ByS. Samiee, Arno Eichberger, Shahram Azadi, Reza Kazemi, Liang Shao, Branko Rogic

chapter 60|6 pages

Robust model predictive control for state tracking of autonomous electric vehicle

ByLiwei Xu, Guodong Yin, Chentong Bian, Zhuoren Tang, Ning Zhang

chapter 62|6 pages

Fuzzy logic control of agile dynamics of a wheel locomotion module

ByV.V. Vantsevich, A. Lozynskyy, L. Demkiv, I. Holovach

chapter 63|6 pages

Required friction utilization for friction estimation on wet asphalt, an experimental study

ByA. Albinsson, F. Bruzelius, M. Hjort

chapter 64|6 pages

Suspension damping characteristics influence on the wheel shimmy of 4 WID electric vehicles

ByChentong Bian, Ning Zhang, Gang Li, Guodong Yin, Nan Chen

chapter 65|6 pages

Sideslip angle estimation based on camera and GPS for autonomous vehicle

ByWei Liu, Lu Xiong, Xin Xia, Renxie Zhang

chapter 67|7 pages

Wheel hop estimation on rough roads

ByH.A. Hamersma, T.R. Botha, P.S. Els

chapter 69|6 pages

The influence of damping failure phenomenon on dynamic stability of car-trailer combinations

ByNing Zhang, Wei-Gang Zhu, Tian Liu, Liwei Xu, Guodong Yin

chapter 70|6 pages

Modeling of ground vehicle shimmy system with consideration of vehicle body coupling effect

ByXiaogao Li, nan Chen, Guodong Yin, Ning Zhang

chapter 71|6 pages

Steering stability of a passive front wheel design on tilting narrow track vehicle

ByJ.T.C. Tan, H. Arakawa, Y. Suda, K. Araki, A. Mizuno, M. Horiguchi

chapter 72|6 pages

Influence of in-wheel motors on the wheel shimmy of 4 WID electric vehicles

ByNing Zhang, Ying Xu, Gang Li, Xiaogao Li, Nan Chen

chapter 73|7 pages

Fault-tolerant control of active trailer steering systems for multi-trailer articulated heavy vehicles

BySaurabh Kapoor, Tushita Sikder, Yuping He

chapter 74|6 pages

Advantages of parameter estimation in electric vehicles

ByB. McAulay, P. Commins, H. Du

chapter 75|6 pages

Micro slip control in dual clutch transmission for vehicle launch

ByBin Zhou, Tongli Lu, Jianwu Zhang, Hongtao Hao

chapter 77|6 pages

A volumetric-based tire model for both longitudinal and lateral maneuvers

ByChongfeng Wei, Joydeep Banerjee, John McPhee