This volume is a guide to the state of the art of activated carbon adsorption technology as applied to wastewater treatment. This book surveys this body of knowledge and is a detailed description of current technology.

chapter 1|27 pages

Wastewater Characteristics and Treatment

Edited ByD. L. Ford

chapter 2|12 pages

Activated Carbon

Edited ByR. A. Hutchins

chapter 3|20 pages

Activated Carbon Adsorption

Edited ByN. J. Wagner, R. J. Jula

chapter 4A|33 pages

Development of Design Parameters

Edited ByR. A. Hutchins

chapter 4B|32 pages

Development of Design Parameters

Edited ByJ. C. Petura

chapter 5|10 pages

Contacting Systems

Edited ByD. W. Storm

chapter 6A|17 pages

Regeneration Systems

ByC. von Dreusche

chapter 6B|22 pages

Infrared Furnaces for Reactivation

ByF. K. McGinnis

chapter 7|27 pages

Total Process Design and Economics

ByL. J. Bilello, P. B. DeJohn

chapter 8|11 pages

Component Equipment Design

ByR. M. Smith

chapter 10|17 pages

Safety Aspects of Activated Carbon Technology

ByR. B. Akell