Advances in Plant Cold Hardiness provides a detailed, up-to-date discussion of plant cold hardiness research. The molecular mechanisms of plant cold hardiness development, a subject not covered in any other low temperature stress book, is examined in depth. Other major topics addressed include the freezing tolerance and injury of plant tissues in vivo and in vitro, in addition to how research findings impact agricultural applications.
The articles featured in Advances in Plant Cold Hardiness were presented as key papers at the 4th International Plant Cold Hardiness Seminar held at the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences in Uppsala in July, 1991. The book will appeal to all researchers, students, and instructors in plant biology, agriculture, and forestry.

part 1

Molecular and Physiological Mechanisms of Plant Cold Hardiness Development

chapter 1|29 pages

Molecular Biology of Plant Cold Hardiness Development

ByStephen P. Lee, Tony H. H. Chen

chapter 2|14 pages

Cold-Regulated Genes of Arabidopsis Thaliana

ByMichael F. Thomashow, Sarah J. Gilmour, Chentao Lin

chapter 3|12 pages

Role of ABA in Regulation of Low Temperature-Induced Genes in Arabidopsis thaliana

ByKerstin Nordin, Viola Lång, Einar Mäntylä, Pekka Heino, Björn Welin, Marcela Baudo, Kjell-Ove Holmström, E. Tapio Palva

chapter 4|15 pages

Signal Transduction and Gene Expression During Cold Acclimation of Alfalfa

ByRajinder S. Dhindsa, Antonio Monroy, Lawrence Wolfraim, Guangyuan Dong

chapter 6|10 pages

Influence of Tissue Water on Protein Secretion in Winter Wheat

ByD. G. Kenefick, R. W. Gesch, D. P. Matthees

chapter 7|10 pages

Effects of Growth at Cold Hardening Temperatures and Temperature Shifts on Resistance to Photoinhibition

ByV. M. Hurry, L. Lapointe, S. Boese, M. Krol, G. Öquist, L. Malek, N. P. A. Huner

chapter 8|12 pages

Alterations of Properties of Ribulose Bisphosphate Carboxylase Related to Cold Acclimation

BySigrid Grafflage, G. Heinrich Krause

chapter 9|13 pages

Microtubule Cytoskeleton in Relation to Plant Cold Hardiness

ByLing-Cheng Jian, Long-Hua Sun, Xiang-Yun Wei

chapter 10|2 pages

Development of Cold Hardiness in Solanum tuberosum by Abscisic Acid and Mefluidide

ByAntonello Costa, Paul H. Li

part 2|109 pages

Freezing Tolerance and Injury of Plant Tissues in vivo and in vitro

chapter 12|10 pages

The Role of Ice-Binding Proteins in Frost Tolerance of Winter Rye

ByMarilyn Griffith, Eduardo Marentes, Paul Ala, Daniel S. C. Yang

chapter 13|7 pages

Freeze-Thaw Damage to Thylakoid Membranes in vitro and in vivo

ByDirk K. Hincha, Irina Bakaltcheva, Ulrich Heber, Jürgen M. Schmitt

chapter 14|7 pages

Cell Wall and Freezing Injury: A Mini-Review

ByDa-Li Tao, Paul H. Li

chapter 15|11 pages

Deep Supercooling in Woody Plant Tissues

ByEdward N. Ashworth

chapter 16|14 pages

The Role of Pit Membrane Structure in Deep Supercooling of Xylem Parenchyma

ByMichael Wisniewski, Glen Davis, Rajeev Arora

chapter 17|21 pages

Ice Encasement as a Component of Winter Kill in Herbage Plants

ByBjarni E. Gudleifsson, Arild Larsen

part 3|67 pages

Implications of Research Findings in Agricultural Application

chapter 19|11 pages

Marker-Assisted Genetic Analysis of Cold Tolerance in Winter Barley

ByPatrick M. Hayes, Tony H. H. Chen, Thomas K. Blake

chapter 22|7 pages

Crop Performance of Chilled Plants Treated with GLK-8903

ByPaul H. Li, Mary Joyce, Agnes Flores-Nimedez, Antonello Costa, Sayed Singer, Z.G. Xin, Stephen Ryu, Charles Shin