The purpose of this book is to focus attention on some of these ideas and concepts. In doing so, it has captured a glimpse of the past and it attempts a projection of the future, but mostly it reveals an overview of the field as it exists as the present time. It aims to serve to spawn further growth in ideas and encourage applications to increasingly broader segments of both clinical and general analytical chemistry fields.

chapter 1|4 pages


ByEdward T. Maggio

chapter 2|48 pages

Antibody-Antigen and Antibody-Hapten Reactions

ByJ. E. Butler

chapter 3|18 pages

Enzymes as Immunochemical Labels

ByEdward T. Maggio

chapter 4|34 pages

Chemical Aspects of Enzyme-Immunoassay

ByDavid S. Kabakoff

chapter 5|30 pages

Principles of Homogeneous Enzyme-Immunoassay

ByEdwin F. Ullman, Edward T. Maggio

chapter 6|20 pages

Determination of Thyroxine by Enzyme-Immunoassay

ByFrederick Van Lente, Robert S. Galen

chapter 7|12 pages

Homogeneous Enzyme-Immunoassay for Cannabinoids

ByRichard M. Rodgers

chapter 8|14 pages

Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (Elisa): Theoretical and Practical Aspects *

ByBrian R. Clark, Eva Engvall

chapter 9|16 pages

Heterogeneous Enzyme-Immunoassays and their Applications

ByAlister Voiler

chapter 10|16 pages

The Amplified Enzyme-Linked Immunosorbent Assay (a-Elisa) and its Applications

ByJohn E. Butler, L. A. Cantarero, P. Swanson, P. L. McGivern

chapter 11|36 pages

Novel Approaches to Enzyme-Immunoassay

ByBo Mattiasson, Carl Borrebaeck

chapter 12|26 pages

Mathematical Treatments for the Analysis of Enzyme-Immunoassay Data

ByDavid Wellington