The cause of cancer and its many manifestations is at present unknown. Since many of its manifestations, including is control of cell division, appear to represent abnormal patterns of gene expression, studies of the regulation of gene expression nwill provide important insights in the understanding and treatment of cancer. This volume attempts to present some of the recent work on regulation of gene expression in eukaryotic cells.

chapter 1|56 pages

Eukaryotic Dna-Dependent Rna Polymerases: An Evaluation of Their Role in the Regulation of Gene Expression

ByTrevor J. C. Beebee, Peter H. W. Butterworth

chapter 2|56 pages

Role of Histones in Cell Differentiation

ByR. Tsanev

chapter 3|66 pages

Role of Nonhistone Chromosomal Proteins in Selective Gene Expression

ByI.R. Phillips, E.A. Shephard, J.L. Stein, G.S. Stein

chapter 4|50 pages

Hormonal Regulation of Gene Transcription

ByR.F. Cox