The greatest challenge of our time is to produce sufficient food ot keep pace with the rapidly growing population. In the opinion of experts, during the next 25 years there will be a need for as much food as was produced in the entire history of mankind to date. Of the various measures available, improvement in agricultural productivity is judged as the ultimate means of augmenting food production and supplies. In this Handbook, an international team of experts consider the most important factors affecting production of both crops and livestock. This Handbook is intended as a scientific guide to practitioners and students, as well as to researchers, who should find here stimulating ideas for further exploration.

part |160 pages

Physical Factors

chapter |52 pages

Climate and Animal Productivity * *

ByH. D. Johnson, G. L. Hahn, Miloslav Rechcigl

chapter |14 pages

Photoperiodism and Productivity of Domesticated Animals

ByRobert K. Ringer, Miloslav Rechcigl

chapter |8 pages

Effects of Cold on Animal Production

ByG. I. Christison, C. M. Williams, Miloslav Rechcigl

chapter |30 pages

Effect of Heat on Animal Productivity

ByWilliam W. Thatcher, Robert J. Collier, Miloslav Rechcigl

chapter |12 pages

Air Environment and Animal Performance

ByS. E. Curtis, J. G. Drummond, Miloslav Rechcigl

chapter |16 pages

Gravity and Animal Productivity

ByArthur H. Smith, Miloslav Rechcigl

chapter |26 pages

Housing and Animal Productivity *

ByB. C. Stenning, Miloslav Rechcigl

part |102 pages

Physiological Factors

chapter |33 pages

Behavior of Livestock in Relation to their Productivity

ByJ.J. Lynch, Miloslav Rechcigl

chapter |18 pages

Nutrition and Animal Productivity

ByA. Bondi, Miloslav Rechcigl

chapter |50 pages

Castration and Animal Productivity *

ByJ. D. Turton, Miloslav Rechcigl

part |54 pages

Agricultural Practices

chapter |40 pages

Agricultural Productivity: Potential And Constraints

ByTheodore C. Byerly, Miloslav Rechcigl

chapter |12 pages

Chemicals For Crop And Livestock Protection

ByKeith C. Barrons, Miloslav Rechcigl

part |48 pages


chapter |26 pages

Effects of Disease on Animal Productivity

ByM. J. Burridge, Miloslav Rechcigl

chapter |8 pages

Microbial Disease and Animal Productivity

ByJ. B. Derbyshire, Miloslav Rechcigl

chapter |12 pages

Effects of Pollution on Animal Productivity

ByHarry E. Smalley, Miloslav Rechcigl