Different phases of fruit development and utilization have been treated in many textbooks, reviews, and a host of scientific and professional papers. This seems, however, to be the first attempt to bring together case histories of so many different fruits and to present a balanced account of the whole period from set to harvest. Postharvest physiology, which has been in the centre of the picture in many former books, is at the bored line of the subject matter of this book, and has not been fully covered, except in a few cases. For this reason, two separate chapters deal with physiological and pathological aspects of fruit life after harvest.

chapter |44 pages


ByLat. Mains domestica L. Borkh, Rosaceae, Fr Pomme, Ger Apfel, It Mela, Sp Manzana, Frank G. Dennis, Jr

chapter |30 pages


ByLat. Musa, Musaceae, En. Banana, Fr. Banane, Ger. Banane, It. Banana, Sp. Banano, Platano, Yair. Israeli, Emanuel. Lahav

chapter |12 pages


ByLat. Vaccinium spp, Ericaceae, Fr. Myrtille. cultivée, Ger. Heidelbeere, It. Mirtillo, Sp. Arandano, Paul. Eck

chapter |22 pages


ByLat. Citrus spp, spp. Fortunella, Poncirus. trifoliata, Rutaceae, En. Citrus fruits, Fr. Agrumes, Ger. Citrusfruecht, It. Agrumi, Sp. Agrios, Shaul. P. Monselise

chapter |10 pages


ByLat. Vaccinium macrocarpon, Ericaceae, Fr. Canneberge, Ger. Americanische Moosbeere, It. Ossicocco Palustre Americano, Sp. Arandano Americano, Paul. Eck

chapter |26 pages


ByLat. Phoenix dactylifera L, Palmae, Fr. Datte, Ger. Dattel, Sp. Dátil, It. Dattero, Oded. Reuveni

chapter |8 pages


ByLat. Solatium melongena, Solanaceae, Fr. Aubergine, Ger. Eierfrucht, It. Melanzana, Sp. Berenjena, Jeshajahu. Nothmann

chapter |14 pages


ByLat. Ficus carica, Moraceae, Fr. Figue, Ger. Feige, It. Fico, Sp. Higo, Julian. C. Crane

chapter |26 pages


ByLat. Vitis vinifera, Vitaceae, Fr. Raisins, Ger. Weinbeere, It. Uva Sp, Uva, Shimon. Lavee, Gil. Nir

chapter |24 pages


ByLat. Corylus spp, Betulaceae, Fr. Noisette, Ger. Hasselnuss, It. Nocciòla, Sp. Avellana, Roberto. Jona

chapter |16 pages


ByLat. Actinidia chinensis, Actinidiaceae, Fr. Actinidia de Chine, Ger. Chinensiche Aktinidia, M. E. Hopping

chapter |14 pages


ByLat. Litchi chinensis, Sapindaceae, Eng. syn. Lichee, Fr. Litchi, Ger. Litchi, A. J. Joubert

chapter |6 pages


ByLat. Macadamia spp, Proteaceae, Eng. syn. Queensland nut, Fr. Noisette du Queens, Sp. Nuez de Queensland, A.J. Joubert

chapter |8 pages

Oil Palm

ByLat. Elaeis guineensis, Palmae, Fr. Palmier à Huile, Ger. Oelbaum, Raima da Olio, R. H. V. Corley

chapter |16 pages


ByLat. Olea europaea, Fr. Olive, Fr. Olive, It. Oliva, Sp. Oliva, En. Olive, Shimon. Lavee

chapter |26 pages


ByLat. Carica papaya, Caricaceae, En. Papaw, Fr. Papayer, Ger. Melonenbaum, It. Papaia, Sp. Lechosa, Henry Y. Nakasone

chapter |30 pages


ByLat. Prunus persica, Rosaceae, Fr. Pêche, Ger. Pfirsich, It. Pesca, Sp. Melocoton, Durazno, Franco. Zucconi

chapter |18 pages


ByLat. Carya illinoensis, Juglandaceae, Fr. Caryer Pacanier, Ger. Pekannuss, Darrell. Sparks

chapter |14 pages

Pepper (Capsicum)

ByLat. Capsicum spp, Solanaceae, En. Pepper, Fr. Pimento, Poivron, Ger. Pfeffer, Paprika, It. Peperone, Sp. Pimiento, Irena. Rylski

chapter |16 pages


ByLat. Diospyrus spp, Ebenaceae, Ger. Kakipflaume, It. Kaki, Sp. Kaki, Saburo. Itoo

chapter |18 pages


ByLat. Ananas comosus, Bromeliaceae, Fr. Ananas, Ger. Ananas, It. Ananasso, Sp. Piña, Duane P. Bartholomew, Robert E. Paull

chapter |12 pages


ByLat. Pistacia vera, Anacardiaceae, Fr. Pistache, Ger. Pistazie, It. Pistacchio, Sp. Pistacho, Julian C. Crane

chapter |18 pages


ByLat. Prunus domestica, P. salicina, Rosaceae, Ger. Pflaume, Fr. Prune, It. Susina, Ciruelo. Sp., Arye. Gur

chapter |30 pages


ByLat. Fragaria × ananassa Rosaceae, Fr. Fraise, Ger. Erdbeere, It. Fragola, Sp. Fresa, Hadassah. Avigdori-Avidov

chapter |12 pages

Sycomore Fig

ByLat. Ficus sycomorus, Moraceae, Fr. Figue Sycomore, Ger. Eselfeige, It. Sicomoro, Jacob. Galil

chapter |22 pages


ByLat. Lycopersicon esculentum Solanaceae, Fr. Tomate, Ger. Tomate, Pomodoro. It., Sp., A. Varga, J. Bruinsma

chapter |28 pages

Prolongation Of Fruit Life After Harvest

ByRuth. Ben Arie, Lurie. Susan

chapter |17 pages

Closing Remarks

ByS. P. Monselise