This two-volume reference presents a series of review and research articles on advances in computing, marine physics, and remote sensing and addresses their importance to shallow sea modeling. Intended as a tribute to Dr. Norman Heaps, topics in the book reflect the range and diversity of his work, as well as his influence on international marine science. Topics discussed include numerical techniques, flow in homogenous sea regions, stratified flows, lake regimes, validation of numerical models, remote sensing as a method to collect oceanographic data at the sea surface, and bottom boundary modeling. Marine scientists actively involved in mathematical modeling and scientists who are interested in using models as tools to gain more insight and understanding of the processes they are observing will find this text useful.

chapter 3|28 pages

Verification of a Soil Wave Interaction Model (SWIM)

ByGeorge Z. Forristall, Earl H. Doyle, Walter Silva, Yoshi Moriwaki

chapter 4|37 pages

Periodic Stratification in Coastal Waters

ByRichard A. Nunes Vaz

chapter 6|40 pages

Applications of Remotely Sensed Image Data to Marine Modeling

ByI. S. Robinson

chapter 7|32 pages

Modeling the Intertial Recirculation of a Gyre

ByRichard J. Greatbatch, David M. Holland

chapter 9|30 pages

Hydrodynamical Models of Lake St. Clair

ByT. J. Simons, W. M. Schertzer

chapter 11|46 pages

Using Large Lakes as Analogues for Oceanographic Studies

ByK. Ya. Kondratyev, V. N. Adamenko, V. P. Vlasov, D. V. Pozdniakov, V. B. Rumiantsev, A. N. Tikhomirov, N. N. Filatov, B. Henderson-Sellers

chapter 12|28 pages

Numerical Modeling of Density-Driven Circulation in Shelf Seas

ByIan D. James

chapter 14|45 pages

Freshwater Ecosystem Water Quality Modeling

ByWilliam G. Booty, David C. L. Lam