This book reviews advances made in recombinant DNA technology as it relates to the techniques employed, and the production and testing of potentially important products such as human interferon, insulin, and growth hormone.

chapter 1|35 pages

Recombinant DNA Techniques: Isolation, Cloning, and Expression of Genes

ByA. P. Bolton, E. A. Barron, S. L. Berent, P. W. Bragg, D. Dixon, M. Fuke, C. Hendrix, M. Mahmoudi, R. S. Sidhu, R. M. Torczynski

chapter 2|9 pages

From Somatostatin to Human Insulin

ByArthur D. Riggs, Keiichi Itakura, Herbert W. Boyer

chapter 3|19 pages

Yeast: An Alternative Organism for Foreign Protein Production

ByRonald A. Hitzeman, Christina Y. Chen, Frank E. Hagie, June M. Lugovoy, Arjun Singh

chapter 4|8 pages

Background to Human Interferon

ByNorwood O. Hill

chapter 5|40 pages

Preclinical Assessment of Biological Properties of Recombinant DNA Derived Human Interferons

ByNowell Stebbing, Phillip K. Week

chapter 6|14 pages

Human Clinical Trials of Bacteria-Derived Human α Interferon

ByZofia E. Dziewanowska, Leon L. Bernhardt, Seyinour Fein

chapter 7|5 pages

Large Scale Production of Human Alpha Interferon from Bacteria

ByW. Courtney McGregor, Armin H. Ramel

chapter 8|9 pages

Direct Expression of Human Growth in Escherichia Coli with the Lipoprotein Promoter

ByNancy G. Mayne, Hansen M. Hsiung, John D. Baxter, Rama M. Belagaje

chapter 10|15 pages

The NIH Guidelines for Research Involving Recombinant DNA Molecules

ByElizabeth Ann Milewski

chapter 10a|5 pages

Appendix Viral Vectors and the NIH Guidelines

ByStanley Barban

chapter 11|9 pages

FDA's Role in Approval and Regulation of Recombinant DNA Drugs

ByWanda deVlaminck