This book is a collection of papers presented at the International Conference on Reliability Techniques and their Application.Reliability 91, 10-12 June 1991 was held at the Royal Lancaster Hotel, London, UK, organised by SRD (the Safety and Reliability Consultants of AEA Technology) and the institution of Quality Assurance (IQA), and supported by the European Safety and Reliability Association (ESRA).

part 1

Reliability in Manufacturing

part 2|50 pages

Data Collection and Analysis

chapter 5|11 pages

Some Thoughts on Reliability Growth

ByDr. Roger Leitch

chapter 6|14 pages

The Use of Fully Integrated Reliability Databases On-Line for Customer Service

ByDouglas Harper, Tony Bendell

chapter 7|16 pages

A Further Survey of Pressure Vessel Failures in the UK

ByT. J. Davenport

chapter 8|9 pages

Amelioration Des Donnees De Fiabilite Operationnelle

ByBen M’hamed Abdallah, Chidung Lac

part 3|27 pages

Human Reliability

chapter 10|9 pages

A Study of Team Activity Characterization

ByKunihide Sasou, Akihiko Nagasaka, Takeo Yukimachi

chapter 11|6 pages

Optimal Allocation of Learning Time for Pilots under Cost Constraints

ByV.M. Catuneanu, C. Moldovan, F.L. Popentiu, D. Popovici

chapter 12|1 pages

Experience in advanced human reliability assessment

ByK. Rea, B. Kirwan, M. Lihou

part 4|76 pages

Software Reliability

chapter 13|16 pages

Reliable Program Design VIA Category Theory

ByHelen M. Edwards, J. Barrie Thompson, Peter Smith

chapter 14|10 pages

An Examination of Computer Aided Software Engineering Tools as an Aid to Software Reliability

ByS.C. Stobart, J.B. Thompson, P. Smith

chapter 15|11 pages

Software Quality Measurement in Complex Systems

ByPatrick Hivart

chapter 16|14 pages

Developing and Assessing Critical Systems

ByJohn Elliott

chapter 17|24 pages

Recent Applications of Some Statistical Technioues to Software

ByD.W. Wightman, C. McCollin, P. Dixon

chapter 19|10 pages

The Test of The Shielding Effectiveness : A Method for Checking The Reliability of The Multifilar Shielded Lines used for Computers

ByJ.C. Lacoste, S.A. Bull, B. Demoulin, M. Rochdi, P. Degauque

chapter 20|12 pages

Effect of The Aging Process on The Reliability of a Thin Film PC-EL Type Optoelectronic Memory Element

ByZbigniew Porada, Elzbieta Schabowska-Osiowska

chapter 21|19 pages

Accelerated Life – Test Results of Optocouplers from Different Manufacturers

ByJoel Arnould, T.D.F. Cerlor

chapter 24|2 pages

Guarantee of Reliability of Power Electronic Devices

ByE.V. Dilevskaya, A.I. Leontiev

part 5|91 pages

Design for Reliability

chapter 25|15 pages

Reliability Aspects in Satellite Data Communication Equipment: A Case Study

ByGiovanni Moura De Holanda, José Francisco M. S. Franco

chapter 26|15 pages

Reliability Assessment of the Gela Petrochemical Factory Electric System

ByC. Camensig, G. Picciolo

chapter 27|10 pages

A Design Effectiveness Functional for Automated Design

ByJoel A. Nachlas, Gerard Collas, S. A. Bull

chapter 28|11 pages

Reliability Analysis of A High Pressore Boiler

ByPaulo V. Fleming, Jaime P. Lima, Osvaldo A. Souza

chapter 29|9 pages

Model of Component Wear Due to Random Stresses

ByLambert Pierrat

chapter 30|17 pages

Reliability Techniques in Ship Design: Perspectives of Implementation

ByM. Dogliani, R. Cazzulo, C. Guedes Soares

chapter 31|14 pages

Reliability of NDT in Relation with Structural Intregrity

ByS. Crutzen, P. Jehenson, H. Herkenrath, R.W. Nichols

part 6|36 pages

Poster Session

chapter 33|2 pages

Management and Safety Techniques for Evaluating Risks: Master

BySally A. Brearley

chapter 35|2 pages

Dependency: Statistical Approaches to Identification

ByJ. I. Ansell, L. A. Walls

chapter 36|3 pages

The Power Type Nonhomogeneous Poisson Process : Tests and Estimation

ByGisela Härtler

chapter 37|11 pages

Reliability and Safety Study of an Hydraulic Robot

ByJohan Van Belle, Marc Van Overmeire

chapter 40|3 pages

Critical States and Coherence Analysis in Complex Systems

ByEid Mohamed, Nimal Jean-Claude

chapter 41|3 pages

Improvements in Reuability Prediction Model for Software

ByP.R. Leclercq

part 7|73 pages

Defence Reliability, Maintainability and Procurement

chapter 42|16 pages

The Reliability Questionnaire

ByP. A. B. Roberts, T. M. Winn-Morgan

chapter 43|17 pages

Reliability Management of the EFA Programme

ByStefan Moser

chapter 44|11 pages

Developments in The Royal Air Force Maintenance Data System

ByF. Marchington

chapter 45|6 pages

The Battlkwinning Equipment Reliability Return (BERR)

ByJ. Drew

chapter 46|10 pages

Contracting for Reliability – The UK/MOD View as A Buyer

ByTony Purton

chapter 47|13 pages

Arm & The Procurement Cycle

ByT. Nottingham

part 8|67 pages

Systems Reliability

chapter 49|13 pages

Towards a Non-Wired Simulator for Reliability Analysis: How to maintain performance levels and improve the capabilities of electronic simulation for reliability analysis of complex systems without wiring

Vers Un Simulateur Sans Cablage Pour Les Analyses De Fiabilite: Comment conserver les performances et accroître les possibilités de la simulation électronique pour l’analyse de fiabilité des systèmes complexes sans avoir à câbler
ByI. Jurvillier, A. Laviron, A. Blin

chapter 50|15 pages

Simulation Using the Reliability Description Language

ByA. J. Miller, R. Wells, K. S. Walker

chapter 51|12 pages

Advanced Reliability and Maintenance Criteria for Motowheel Railway Traction Systems

ByGaetano Pessina, Massimo Peirone, Grazia Vicario, Carlo Zimaglia

chapter 53|9 pages

Dependability Management Standard to Complement ISO 9000

ByKjell Strandberg

part 9|78 pages

Expert Systems Applications and Maintenance

chapter 54|15 pages

Towards Knowledge-Based Support for Reliability Analysis: the Advise System

ByRichard G. Parker, Stephen J. Denniss

chapter 55|8 pages

Probabilistic Safety Assessment (PSA) Applications Using Knowledge Based Systems Techniques

BySally J. Mennell, David P. Raymond, Alan B. Reeves

chapter 56|11 pages

The Use of Knowledge Bases in Advanced Computer Aided Safety Analysis

ByP. Christensen, L. Smith-Hansen, P. Heino, G. Fassera, A. Poucet

chapter 58|7 pages

Computer Aided Maintenance of Vehicles

ByJozef Okulewicz, Tadeusz Salamonowicz

chapter 60|14 pages

Software Safety Analysis in Heterogeneous Multiprocessor Control Systems 1

ByTimothy J. Shimeall, Lcdr Richard J. McGraw, Janet A. Gill

part 10|76 pages

Safety Culture in the Organisation

chapter 61|27 pages

An Overall Approach to Technological Risk Management Modelling

ByIan A Watson

chapter 63|9 pages

Corporate Safety Culture: Improving the Management Contribution to System Reliability

ByNick F. Pidgeon, Barry A. Turner, David I. Blockley, Brian Toft

chapter 64|8 pages

Event Root Cause Determination by Expert System

ByGeoffrey Ives

chapter 66|10 pages

Licensing for the ok Nuclear Industry – and Remaining Competitive

ByColin D. Harling, Steve J. Lewis

part 11|48 pages

Economics and Competitiveness

chapter 67|12 pages

Total Quality Management Agent for Change

ByJohn Macdonald

chapter 68|7 pages

The Vital Role of Product Quality Assurance in Reliability

ByJ. P. Talbot

chapter 69|12 pages

Yield, Quality and Reliability – A Natural Correlation?

ByFinn Jensen

chapter 70|8 pages

Ensuring the Reliability of Military Electronic Components

ByTony Bendell, Simon Young

chapter 71|9 pages

Engineering Decision Making

ByJohn Woodhouse

part 12|96 pages

Risk Analysis and Management

chapter 72|25 pages

The Current Status of the Level 1 PSA for Sizewell‘B’ PWR

ByR. W. Foden, P. K. Luhdberg, P. J. Ross

chapter 75|19 pages

The Integration of Risk Analysis & Management in Project Management

ByFred Eldridge

chapter 76|24 pages

Safety Analysis of a Liquid Hatural Gas Plant

ByGünter Burgbacher, Siegfried Falk