This book represents the proceedings of the 10th annual symposium of the Society of Reliability Engineers, Scandinavian Chapter, and was held in Stavanger, Norway, 9-11 October 1989. The theme of the symposium emphasised the need for obtaining a competitive edge through reliability in systems engineering and addressed the role of reliability in marketing, contracts, customer support and product liability. This book will be of interest to those involved in reliability engineering, risk assessment, safety and maintenance engineering.

chapter |11 pages

Reliability Engineering and Life Cycle Costing in the Troll Phase I Gas Project

ByStein P. Kirkeby, Robin S. McGlashan

chapter |9 pages

Reliability Targets for Oil/Gas Production Systems

ByTerje Aven, Stein P. Kirkeby

chapter |12 pages

On Safety and Reliability Engineering During the Conceptual Design Phase of Mechatronic Products

ByMarkku Reunanen, Jouko Heikkilä, Seppo Hänninen

chapter |8 pages

On robust design methodology for reliability improvement

ByBo Bergman

chapter |10 pages

Cost-Effective Reliability an Example from Offshore Oil Production

ByKai D. Olshausen

chapter |9 pages

Reliability Analysis in Life Cycle Cost Estimation for Small Windturbines

ByK.E. Petersen, B. Rasmussen, P.H. Jensen

chapter |12 pages

Design Review of Heating and Air-Conditioning Systems Using Reliability Methods

ByKari Laakso, Antti Lyytikäinen, Kimmo Rahkamo, Lauri Heikkinen

chapter |15 pages

A Comparative Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis of an Accident Sequence

ByStefan Hirschberg, Peter Jacobsson, Kurt Erling Petersen, Urho Pulkkinen, Kurt Pörn

chapter |12 pages

Multivariate Analysis in Accelerated Life Testing

ByStian Lydersen

chapter |13 pages

Accelerated Life Testing of Tribological Components

ByEldar Onsøyen

chapter |13 pages

Fault Tree Analysis Applied to Software

ByTor Stålhane

chapter |13 pages

Reliability Analysis of Hydraulic Systems of LHD Machines Deployed at Kiruna Iron Ore Mine

ByUday Kumar, Bengt Kiefsjö, Sven Granholm

chapter |12 pages

Economic Risk Assessment in the Case of Sequential Decisions

ByArne Bang Huseby

chapter |13 pages

Uncertainty in Safety Analysis and Safety Related Decision Making

ByUrho Pulkkinen, Kurt Pörn

chapter |6 pages

Risk Analysis, Quality Requirements

ByTor Ulleberg