Target Sites of Fungicide Action presents a critical examination of the mode of action of antifungal inhibitors, especially the mechanistical aspects of agricultural fungicides and antifungal drugs. It provides an interdisciplinary approach through its discussions of inhibitors with target sites in sterol biosynthesis, molecular studies in fungicide research, and fungal resistance. Researchers and students in plant pathology, mycology, and medicine will find this book to be a comprehensive summary of current knowledge, as well as a source of stimulation for future research in the field of applied mycology.

chapter 1|29 pages

Target Sites of Carboxamides

ByG. A. White, S. G. Georgopoulos

chapter 2|11 pages

Target Sites of Hydroxypyrimidine Fungicides

ByD. W. Hollomon

chapter 3|10 pages

Target Sites of Tubulin-Binding Fungicides

ByHideo Ishii

chapter 4|16 pages

Target Sites of Fungicides with Primary Effects on Lipid Peroxidation

ByW. Edlich, H. Lyr

chapter 5|32 pages

Target Sites of Fungicides to Control Oomycetes

ByJ. M. Griffith, A. J. Davis, B. R. Grant

chapter 6|18 pages

Target Sites of Melanin Biosynthesis Inhibitors

ByIsamu Yamaguchi, Yasuyuki Kubo

chapter 8|19 pages

Target Sites of Sterol Biosynthesis Inhibitors in Plants

ByP. Benveniste, A. Rahier

chapter 11|8 pages

Biotechnology and Fungal Control

ByA.J. Poulose