This book presents discussions regarding the design of the main components for steam generation plants, such as evaporators, steam generators for fossil-fuelled and nuclear power plants, waste heat boilers for chemical and related field plants, and auxiliary components in steam cycle plants. Information regarding the manufacturing and operational phases of the plants, as well as quality control procedures and environmental requirements, is included. The book features the most advanced technology, in addition to special skills and tricks based on the field experience of some of the leading scientific and technical people in the field. Plant manufacturing and operation engineers, engineering companies, and instructors teaching advanced courses in mechanical and chemical engineering will find this text essential reading.

chapter |28 pages


ByJ. G. Collier

chapter 1|114 pages

Steam Generators for Nuclear Power Plants

ByR. De Santis, M. Sala

chapter 2|118 pages

Fossil Fuel Fired Large-Size Steam Generators

ByC. Rolle

chapter 3|22 pages

Fossil Fuel Fired Medium-Size Steam Generators

ByG. Palumberi, L. Sorabella

chapter 4|41 pages

Waste Heat Boilers for Chemical and Allied Field Plants

ByMario Mischiatti

chapter 5|18 pages

Steam Generation: Sodium Water Heat Exchangers

ByP. G. Avanzini

chapter 6|46 pages

Thermal Hydraulic Design of Main Auxiliary Components in Steam Cycle Plants

ByG. Ferrari, L. Gramiccia, M. Mischiatti, S. Socrate