Lycopene is a potent antioxidant carotenoid found in fruits and vegetables; particularly high amounts exist in red tomatoes. It is not an essential nutrient for humans, but can be a potential therapeutic agent for preventing several human diseases. Since the publication of the previous book on lycopene, extensive advances have been made with respect to the role of lycopene and tomatoes in human health. Whereas the initial focus of research was on cancer, Lycopene and Tomatoes in Human Nutrition and Health represents the next major step in documenting advances in understanding the chemistry, bioavailability, metabolism; mechanisms of action of lycopene; and its role in preventing human diseases other than cancer as discussed in the various chapters of the book.

The book includes chapters that discuss genetic polymorphisms; and lycopene’s relationship to cardiovascular diseases, cardiometabolic diseases, bone health, and other health disorders including male infertility, skin diseases, respiratory disorders and neurodegenerative diseases. The book includes information addressing regulatory aspects of natural health products and, in particular lycopene, presenting industrial insights. The contents of the book are selected carefully to provide the readers with the most current information available on lycopene and tomato bioactives.

chapter 1|20 pages


Chemistry, Metabolism, and Bioavailability
ByGordon M. Lowe, Daniel L. Graham, Andrew J. Young

chapter 2|20 pages

Genetic Polymorphisms Associated with Blood Concentration of Lycopene

ByPatrick Borel, Jean-François Landrier, Charles Desmarchelier

chapter 3|10 pages

A Possible Relationship between Tomatoes, Lycopene, and Level of High-Density Lipoprotein-Cholesterol

ByKoichi Aizawa, Takuro Inoue, Hiroyuki Suganuma

chapter 4|18 pages

Lycopene, Tomatoes, and Cardiovascular Diseases

ByVolker Böhm

chapter 5|20 pages

Modulation of Inflammation by Tomatoes and Lycopene in the Context of Cardiometabolic Diseases

ByJean-François Landrier, Franck Tourniaire, Soumia Fenni, Charles Desmarchelier, Patrick Borel

chapter 6|14 pages

Lycopene, Tomatoes, and Bone Health

ByLeticia G. Rao, A. Venketeshwer Rao

chapter 7|26 pages

Lycopene, Tomatoes, and Male Infertility

ByYu Yamamoto, Teruaki Iwamoto, Ikuo Sato

chapter 8|20 pages

Lycopene and Tomatoes in the Prevention and Management of Other Human Diseases

ByA. Venketeshwer Rao, Leticia G. Rao

chapter 9|30 pages

Lycopene and Tomatoes

ByLuca Sandei

chapter 10|18 pages


Antioxidant Health Claims and Regulation
ByMontaña Cámara, Virginia Fernández-Ruiz, Laura Domínguez, Rosa María Cámara, M. Cortes Sánchez-Mata