This book will serve as a reference guide, and state-of-the-art review, for the wide spectrum of numerical models and computational techniques available to solve some of the most challenging problems in coastal engineering. The topics covered in this book, are explained fundamentally from a numerical perspective and also include practical examples applications. Important classic themes such as wave generation, propagation and breaking, turbulence modelling and sediment transport are complemented by hot topics such as fluid and structure interaction or multi-body interaction to provide an integral overview on numerical techniques for coastal engineering.

Through the vision of 10 high impact authors, each an expert in one or more of the fields included in this work, the chapters offer a broad perspective providing several different approaches, which the readers can compare critically to select the most suitable for their needs. Advanced Numerical Modelling of Wave Structure Interaction will be useful for a wide audience, including PhD students, research scientists, numerical model developers and coastal engineering consultants alike.

chapter Chapter 1|35 pages

Wave Generation and Absorption Techniques

ByAggelos Dimakopoulos, Pablo Higuera

chapter Chapter 2|33 pages

Wave Propagation Models for Numerical Wave Tanks

ByEugeny Buldakov

chapter Chapter 3|17 pages

Wave Breaking and Air Entrainment

ByPierre Lubin

chapter Chapter 4|35 pages

Air Compressibility and Aeration Effects in Coastal Flows

ByZhihua Ma, Ling Qian, Derek Causon

chapter Chapter 5|27 pages

Violent Wave Impacts and Loadings using the δ-SPH Method

ByMatteo Antuono, Salvatore Marrone, Andrea Colagrossi

chapter Chapter 6|33 pages

Wave and Structure Interaction Porous Coastal Structures

ByPablo Higuera

chapter Chapter 7|22 pages

CFD Modelling of Scour in Flows with Waves and Currents

ByNicholas S Tavouktsoglou, David M Kelly, John M Harris

chapter Chapter 8|45 pages

A Coupling Strategy for Modelling Dynamics of Moored Floating Structures

ByTristan de Lataillade, Aggelos Dimakopoulos, Chris Kees, Lars Johanning

chapter |9 pages

Future Prospects

ByDavid M Kelly, Aggelos Dimakopoulos, Pablo Higuera