This textbook addresses the pathway to reach sustainability in fashion business and apparel sectors. This book contains various research papers originally contributed by different authors from various organizations who are all working towards the eco-friendly manufacturing of apparel products. This textbook provides approaches, techniques, alternative procedures/sustainable routes to develop sustainable apparel in a more environmentally friendly manner for the future.

The research papers discussed in this book mainly focus on the various challenges put forth by the apparel industry with respect to environmentally friendly product manufacturing and also provides solutions to achieve the same through different principles and approaches which fulfil the production, user and disposal ecological considerations. The book will be really useful for academicians, industry personnel and to textile and apparel students and scholars who wish to explore their knowledge and innovations in the field of sustainable apparel product manufacturing and processes.

chapter 1|10 pages

Eco-testing of textiles

ByK. Amutha, K. Saranya

chapter 2|10 pages

A study of natural dyeing in sustainable product development

ByN. Nanthagopal, M. D. Jothilinkam

chapter 3|8 pages

Application of vetiver extract on cotton fabric for developing healthcare products

ByS. Ampritha, V. Krishnaveni

chapter 4|6 pages

Bio-polymers derived from renewable plant sources and application in apparels

ByR. Sukanyadevi, Vaishnavi Muralidharan, C. Kavya

chapter 5|6 pages

Design and development of eco-friendly nebuliser face mask

ByK. Amutha, R. Priyanka

chapter 6|8 pages

Development of green composites

ByS. Grace Annapoorani, S. Yamuna Devi, D. Sheebamercy

chapter 7|6 pages

Textile recycling – creating a new industry

ByPratibha Sharma

chapter 8|18 pages

The rise of sustainability in textile manufacturing life cycle

ByD. Gopalakrishnan

chapter 9|10 pages

Sustainable fashion – a review

ByE. Devaki, M. Suganya, S. Sreelakshmi

chapter 10|10 pages

Bio-processing of textiles

ByG. Abinaya Parameswari, M. V. Reenna Priya

chapter 11|8 pages

Development of UV protective garment finished with herbal leaf extract

ByC. Mohan Bharathi, M. R. Deepika, J. K. Gowtham, R. Suganyaa, R. Godson Silas, J. Sathish Kumar

chapter 13|8 pages

Enzymatic desizing of hemp cotton fabrics

ByR. Umamaheswariand Dr. S. Amsamani

chapter 14|8 pages

Effect of neem finishing on water hyacinth/cotton blend non-woven fabrics

ByS. Punitha, K. Sangeetha, M. Bhuvaneshwari

chapter 15|8 pages

Eco-fashion handbags

ByM. Ghousia Amrin, G. Bagyalakshmi

chapter 16|10 pages

A study on chemical treated modal fabrics

ByK. Gnanapriya, J. Jeyakodi Moses

chapter 17|10 pages

An optimisation of knitting parametre on anti-microbial treatment by using Box-Behnken design

ByK. M. Patchiyappan, B. Senthilkumar

chapter 20|8 pages

Review on eco-friendly fibres in fibre- reinforced concrete

ByE. Devaki, K. Sangeetha, S. Karthika

chapter 21|12 pages

Study on silk fabric using some selected natural dyes

ByJ. Jeyakodi Moses, P. Sathish

chapter 22|6 pages

Investigation of anti-fungal activity on cotton fabric using natural herbs

ByM. Sumithra, M. Lalitha

chapter 23|10 pages

Study on polyacrylic acid treated silk

ByJ. Jeyakodi Moses, E. Saraswathi

chapter 24|12 pages

Eco-friendly technology options available for textile industry

ByK. Sangeetha, T. Abirami, A. Keerthana Sri