Vertebrate Skeletal Histology and Paleohistology summarizes decades of research into the biology and biological meaning of hard tissues, in both living and extinct vertebrates. In addition to outlining anatomical diversity, it provides fundamental phylogenetic and evolutionary contexts for interpretation. An international team of leading authorities review the impact of ontogeny, mechanics, and environment in relation to bone and dental tissues. Synthesizing current advances in the biological problems of growth, metabolism, evolution, ecology, and behavior, this comprehensive and authoritative volume is built upon a foundation of concepts and technology generated over the past fifty years.

part Section I|26 pages


chapter 21|24 pages

Paleohistology: An Historical – Bibliographical Introduction

ByArmand J. de Ricqlès

part Section II|164 pages

Morphology and Histology of The Skeleton

chapter 282|10 pages

An Overview of the Embryonic Development of the Bony Skeleton

ByVivian de Buffrénil, Alexandra Quilhac

chapter 3|20 pages

The Vertebrate Skeleton: A Brief Introduction

ByMichel Laurin, Alexandra Quilhac, Vivian de Buffrénil

chapter 4|26 pages

Microanatomical Features of Bones and Their Basic Measurement

ByVivian de Buffrénil, Eli Amson, Alexandra Quilhac, Dennis F. A. E. Voeten, Michel Laurin

chapter 5|24 pages

Bone Cells and Organic Matrix

ByLouise Zylberberg

chapter 6|14 pages

Current Concepts of the Mineralization of Type I Collagen in Vertebrate Tissues

ByWilliam J. Landis, Tengteng Tang, Robin DiFeo Childs

chapter 7|24 pages

An Overview of Cartilage Histology

ByAlexandra Quilhac

chapter 8|44 pages

Bone Tissue Types: A Brief Account of Currently Used Categories

ByVivian de Buffrénil, Alexandra Quilhac

part Section III|66 pages

Dynamic Processes in Osseous Formations

chapter 1929|28 pages

Basic Processes in Bone Growth

ByVivian de Buffrénil, Alexandra Quilhac

chapter 10|8 pages

Accretion Rate and Histological Features of Bone

ByVivian de Buffrénil, Alexandra Quilhac, Jorge Cubo

chapter 11|18 pages

Bone Remodeling

ByVivian de Buffrénil, Alexandra Quilhac

chapter 12|10 pages

Remarks on Metaplastic Processes in the Skeleton

ByVivian de Buffrénil, Louise Zylberberg

part Section IV|32 pages


chapter 25813|30 pages

Histology of Dental Hard Tissues

ByAlan Boyde, Timothy G. Bromage

part Section V|326 pages

Phylogenetic Diversity of Skeletal Tissues

chapter 29014|3 pages


ByMichel Laurin

chapter 15|31 pages

Finned Vertebrates

ByJorge Mondéjar-Fernández, Philippe Janvier

chapter 16|20 pages

Early Tetrapodomorphs

BySophie Sanchez, François Clarac, Michel Laurin, Armand de Ricqlès

chapter 17|18 pages


ByVivian de Buffrénil, Michel Laurin

chapter 18|22 pages

Early Amniotes and Their Close Relatives

ByAurore Canoville, Michel Laurin, Armand de Ricqlès

chapter 19|14 pages


ByTorsten M. Scheyer, Ignacio A. Cerda

chapter 20|26 pages


ByVivian de Buffrénil, Alexandra Houssaye

chapter 21|10 pages

Sauropterygia: Placodontia

ByTorsten M. Scheyer, Nicole Klein

chapter 22|9 pages

Sauropterygia: Nothosauria and Pachypleurosauria

ByTorsten M. Scheyer, Alexandra Houssaye, Nicole Klein

chapter 23|14 pages

Sauropterygia: Histology of Plesiosauria

ByP. Martin Sander, Tanja Wintrich

chapter 24|9 pages


ByP. Martin Sander

chapter 25|19 pages

Archosauromorpha: From Early Diapsids to Archosaurs

ByArmand de Ricqlès, Vivian de Buffrénil, Michel Laurin

chapter 26|25 pages

Archosauromorpha: The Crocodylomorpha

ByVivian de Buffrénil, Michel Laurin, Stéphane Jouve

chapter 27|39 pages

Archosauromorpha: Avemetatarsalia – Dinosaurs and Their Relatives

ByKevin Padian, Holly N. Woodward

chapter 28|14 pages

Nonmammalian Synapsids

ByJennifer Botha, Adam Huttenlocker

chapter 29|51 pages

Diversity of Bone Microstructure in Mammals

ByVivian de Buffrénil, Christian de Muizon, Maïténa Dumont, Michel Laurin, Olivier Lambert

part Section VI|184 pages

Integrative Questions

chapter 61630|9 pages

Phylogenetic Signal in Bone Histology

ByJorge Cubo, Lucas J. Legendre, Michel Laurin

chapter 31|19 pages

Cyclical Growth and Skeletochronology

ByVivian de Buffrénil, Alexandra Quilhac, Jacques Castanet

chapter 32|23 pages

Aging and Senescence Processes in the Skeleton

ByCatherine Bergot, Vivian de Buffrénil

chapter 33|20 pages

Basic Principles and Methodologies in Measuring Bone Biomechanics

ByP. Main Russell

chapter 34|36 pages

Interpreting Mechanical Function in Extant and Fossil Long Bones

ByRussell P. Main, Erin L. R. Simons, Andrew H. Lee

chapter 35|20 pages

Bone Microanatomy and Lifestyle in Tetrapods

ByAurore Canoville, Vivian de Buffrénil, Michel Laurin

chapter 36|13 pages

Bone Histology and the Adaptation to Aquatic Life in Tetrapods

ByAlexandra Houssaye, Vivian de Buffrénil

chapter 37|17 pages

Bone Histology and Thermal Physiology

ByJorge Cubo, Adam Huttenlocker, Lucas J. Legendre, Chloé Olivier, Armand de Ricqlès

chapter 39|12 pages

The Histology of Skeletal Tissues as a Tool in Paleoanthropological and Archaeological Investigations

ByAriane Burke, Michelle S. M. Drapeau

chapter 40|6 pages

A Methodological Renaissance to Advance Perennial Issues in Vertebrate Paleohistology

ByAlexandra Houssaye, Donald Davesne, Aurore Canoville