Tubular Structures XVI contains the latest scientific and engineering developments in the field of tubular steel structures, as presented at the 16th International Symposium on Tubular Structures (ISTS16, Melbourne, Australia, 4-6 December 2017). The International Symposium on Tubular Structures (ISTS) has a long-standing reputation for being the principal showcase for manufactured tubing and the prime international forum for presentation and discussion of research, developments and applications in this field.

Various key and emerging subjects in the field of hollow structural sections are covered, such as: special applications and case studies, static and fatigue behaviour of connections/joints, concrete-filled and composite tubular members and offshore structures, earthquake and dynamic resistance, specification and standard developments, material properties and section forming, stainless and high-strength steel structures, fire, impact and blast response. Research and development issues presented in this topical book are applicable to buildings, bridges, offshore structures, cranes, trusses and towers.

Tubular Structures XVI is thus a pertinent reference source for architects, civil and mechanical engineers, designers, steel fabricators and contractors, manufacturers of hollow sections or related construction products, trade associations involved with tubing, owners or developers of tubular structures, steel specification committees, academics and research students all around the world.

part 1|14 pages

ISTS Kurobane lecture

part 2|28 pages

Architecture, applications and case studies

chapter 2|10 pages

A walking tour of Melbourne tubular structures

ByR.H. Keays

chapter 3|8 pages

The grandstand roof of the Olympic stadium in Berlin

ByR. Stroetmann

part 3|81 pages

Composite tubular structures

chapter 5|6 pages

Analytical behavior of square CFST short beam-columns under sustained load and chloride corrosion

ByY.-X. Hua, L.-H. Han, C.-C. Hou, J.-L. Chu, Y. Ye

chapter 6|9 pages

Parametric study on the flexural behaviour of circular rubberized concrete-filled steel tubes

ByJ.B. Chen, T.M. Chan, J.M. Castro

chapter 7|6 pages

Capacity of high strength square hollow section steel tube filled with concrete and hardwood timber

ByH. Jiao, X.L. Zhao, T. Ghanbari Ghazijahani

chapter 9|6 pages

Rubberised concrete-filled double-skin circular tubes under axial compression

ByM. Elchalakani, A. Hosseini

chapter 10|6 pages

Rubberised concrete-filled double-skin square tubes under axial compression

ByM. Elchalakani, A. Hosseini, C. Marshall

chapter 13|8 pages

Thermal in-plane buckling of concrete-filled steel tubular arches

ByY. Bouras, E. Torres-Don, Z. Vrcelj

part 4|177 pages


chapter 16|9 pages

A three-parameter power model for blind bolted connection with a concrete-filled steel tube

ByM.A. Bradford, A. Ataei, H.R. Valipour

chapter 18|7 pages

Behavior of extended endplate connections between RHS column and H beam using slip-critical blind bolts

ByW. Wang, M.X. Li, Y.Y. Chen, X.G. Jian

chapter 19|11 pages

An experimental and numerical study of flange plate reinforcements on a square hollow section T joint in compression

ByL.C.B. Guerrieiro, L.R.O. de Lima, P.C.G. da, S. Vellasco, A.T. da Silva, L.F. Costa-Neves

chapter 20|9 pages

3D component method for welded tubular T joints

ByM. Garifullin, S. Pajunen, K. Mela, M. Heinisuo

chapter 21|9 pages

RHS X-connections near an open chord end

ByY. Fan, J.A. Packer

chapter 23|8 pages

Experimental evaluation of moment-rotation response of an innovative modular beam-to-fabricated column connection

ByS.N. Sadeghi, A. Heidarpour, X.L. Zhao, R. Al-Mahaidi

chapter 24|6 pages

Influence of chord wall interaction on stress concentrations of square bird-beak SHS X-joints

ByC. Li, B. Cheng, Q. Qian, Y. Lou, X.L. Zhao

chapter 26|8 pages

Laser tube cutting—Comparison of new types of K-joints and their SCF with standard solutions

ByS. Herion, O. Fleischer, J. Hrabowski, S. Raso, A. Valli, A. Mastropasqua, E. Bononi

chapter 28|7 pages

Contributions of welded web to rotational stiffness and bending moment capacity of ‘I beam-RHS column’ joints

ByM. Lozano, M.A. Serrano-López, C. López-Colina, Y.C. Wang

chapter 30|7 pages

Engineering approaches to estimate effective notch stresses for welded circular hollow section joints

ByM.R. Pradana, X. Qian, S. Swaddiwudhipong

chapter 31|8 pages

Numerical analysis of concrete-encased tubular base connections

ByA. Albareda-Valls, J. Maristany Carreras, S.S. Zaribaf

chapter 33|8 pages

Strength estimation of CHS column to H-beam connections stiffened by exterior diaphragms

ByM. Okamoto, T. Tanaka, H. Asada

chapter 34|6 pages

Effect of reinforcement on punching shear strength in embedded column base connections

ByK. Hirano, T. Tanaka, H. Asada

chapter 35|9 pages

Axial compressive strength of CHS T-joints reinforced with external stiffening rings

ByL. Zhu, Y. Wei, K. Yang, Y. Bai, H.L. Sun

chapter 36|7 pages

Compressive strength of square hollow section T-joints reinforced with novel collar-plate

ByH.F. Chang, J.W. Xia, G.H. Tian, Y.L. Qian, W. Xu

part 5|120 pages

Extreme loading

chapter 37|6 pages

Post-fire behavior of cold-formed ultra-high strength steel tubular stub columns

ByF. Azhari, A. Heidarpour, X.L. Zhao

chapter 38|6 pages

Eurocode 4 based method for the fire design of concrete-filled steel tubular columns

ByA. Espinós, V. Albero, M.L. Romero, A. Hospitaler, C. Renaud, Y.C. Wang

chapter 39|6 pages

Thermal behavior of connections between concrete-filled steel tubular columns and slim-floors subjected to fire

ByV. Albero, A. Espinós, A. Hospitaler, M.L. Romero, A.M. Pascual

chapter 40|9 pages

Behaviour and design of a continuous concrete-filled steel tubular column in fire for a multi-storey building

ByK. Ukanwa, G.C. Clifton, J.B.P. Lim, A. Abu, A. Abu, S.J. Hicks, U.K. Sharma

chapter 42|8 pages

Behaviour of hexagonal concrete-encased CFST columns under cyclic bending

ByD.Y. Ma, L.-H. Han, X.D. Ji, X.L. Zhao

chapter 43|8 pages

Cyclically strained grade 800 and 1200 steel tube materials

ByF. Javidan, A. Heidarpour, X.L. Zhao, H. Fallahi

chapter 44|8 pages

Behaviour of double headed anchored blind bolt under cyclic loading

ByT. Pokharel, H.M. Goldsworthy, E.F. Gad

chapter 46|7 pages

Cumulative damage of notched specimens with brittle fracture under cyclic loading

ByT. Iwashita, A. Tateno, K. Azuma

chapter 47|6 pages

Cyclic loading on cold-formed SHS stub columns

ByY. Dong, L.J. Jia

chapter 49|5 pages

Rate and temperature dependent relations for CFSTs subject to post-impact fire conditions

ByM. Mirmomeni, A. Heidarpour, X.L. Zhao, J.A. Packer

chapter 50|7 pages

CFRP-wrapped hollow steel tubes under axial impact loading

ByC. Batuwitage, S. Fawzia, D.P. Thambiratnam, T. Tafsirojjaman, R. Al-Mahaidi, M. Elchalakani

chapter 51|6 pages

FE modeling of FRP strengthened CHS members subjected to lateral impact

ByM.I. Alam, S. Fawzia, T. Tafsirojjaman, X.L. Zhao

chapter 52|8 pages

Experimental study on anti-impact performance of RHST and PCFST columns under lateral impact

ByA.Z. Zhu, W. Xu, K. Gao, H.P. Zhu, F. Gao

part 6|34 pages


chapter 53|5 pages

Fatigue crack in an unloaded brace

ByM. Lefranc, R. Gladsø

chapter 54|7 pages

Multiaxial loading of RHS by wheel loads

ByS. Herion, T. Ummenhofer, A. Lipp

chapter 55|4 pages

Fatigue behavior of CFDST chord to CHS brace T-joints

ByW. Li, D. Wang, L.-H. Han, X.L. Zhao

chapter 57|8 pages

Fatigue behavior of diamond bird-beak T-joints and design recommendations

ByL.W. Tong, G.W. Xu, Y.Q. Liu, D.Q. Yan, X.L. Zhao

part 7|44 pages

Numerical modelling

chapter 58|8 pages

Partial interaction analysis of multi-component members with the D-GBT approach

ByA. Ferrarotti, G. Ranzi, G. Piccardo

chapter 59|8 pages

Direct strength prediction of innovative corrugated columns

ByA.N. Ajamyan, M. Nassirnia, A. Heidarpour, X.L. Zhao, L. Gardner

chapter 60|6 pages

Numerical investigation on static strength of CHS X-joints using S700 and S900 steel

ByX.Y. Lan, T.M. Chan, B. Young

chapter 61|5 pages

FE modeling techniques for hot spot stress analysis of diamond bird-beak SHS joints

ByB. Cheng, Y. Lou, C. Li, X.L. Zhao

chapter 62|7 pages

Numerical investigation into the behaviour of HSS beam-columns strengthened using CFRP plates

ByW. Attiah, A. Shaat, E. Sayed-Ahmed

part 8|46 pages

Stainless and high strength steel structures

chapter 64|9 pages

Design of stainless steel CHS beam-columns

ByC. Buchanan, L. Gardner, O. Zhao, E. Real

chapter 66|8 pages

Structural behaviour of stainless steel tubular columns

ByH.P.C.S.G. Duarte, L.R.O. de Lima, P.C.G. da, S. Vellasco, A.T. da Silva

chapter 68|8 pages

Strength and ductility predictions of stiffened box sectional columns made of high strength steel

ByL. Kang, R. Long, M. Suzuki, H.B. Ge

part 9|98 pages

Tubular sections and members

chapter 69|8 pages

Experimental study on cold-formed steel semi-oval hollow section columns

ByM.T. Chen, B. Young

chapter 70|9 pages

On the post-buckling behaviour and imperfection sensitivity of regular convex polygonal columns

ByR. Gonçalves, D. Camotim, André D. Martins

chapter 71|6 pages

Structural behaviour of octagonal tubular steel stub columns under uniaxial compression

ByJ.Y. Zhu, T.M. Chan, B. Young

chapter 72|8 pages

Residual stress distribution in cold-rolled curved steel rectangular hollow sections

ByY. F. Jin, S.P. Chiew, C.K. Lee

chapter 74|9 pages

Buckling of multiple outside geometry (MOG) hollow sections

ByO. Fleischer, S. Herion, P. Lang, S. Scherf

chapter 77|6 pages

Leak-before-break (LBB) analysis and failure processes for small-diameter cast iron pipes

ByR. Jiang, D. Weerasinghe, C. Zhang, X.L. Zhao, J. Kodikara, C.R. Hutchinson

chapter 78|7 pages

Circular hollow section joint fabrication using laser cutting technology: Tolerance assessment

ByA. Kanyilmaz, C.A. Castiglioni, S. Raso, A. Valli, M. Brugnolli, A. Galazzi, R. Hojda

chapter 79|6 pages

Propagation of buckling mechanisms of pipe-in-pipe systems under external pressure

ByM. Alrsai, H. Karampour, B.P. Gilbert, S. Chowdhury, F. Albermani

part 10|55 pages


chapter 80|9 pages

Behavior of overlapped CHS K/KK-joints with different welding situations

ByX.Z. Zhao, S. Qiu, Y. Y. Chen, X.B. Xu, X.F. Wu, K.H. Hu, A.H. Wu, Y. Chen

chapter 81|8 pages

Investigation of weld effective length rules for CHS X-connections

ByK. Tousignant, J.A. Packer

chapter 82|9 pages

Assessment of welded transverse plate to hollow structural section connections

ByM. Ammons, J. McCormick

chapter 83|9 pages

Effect of bending moment on capacity of fillet weld

ByN. Tuominen, T. Björk, A. Ahola