This timely book covers basic mechanisms, characterization, theoretical simulations, and applications for exchange bias in granular nanosystems, thin films, and bulk systems. After an overview of the field and key principles, the next section covers nanogranular (core-shell) systems, followed by chapters on thin films, bilayers/multilayers nanostructures, dilute magnetic semiconductors, and multiferroic systems. A final section turns to bulk systems, such as those consisting of perovskite structures, rare earth-transition metal intermetallic, and ion implantations.

Readers of this book will obtain

  • A complete, modern overview on exchange bias phenomena, covering synthesis, characterization techniques, and applications
  • An introduction to all the important phenomenological models proposed for thin films, bulk materials, and nanoparticles
  • Detailed discussion of the importance of size, shape, cooling field, and temperature on exchange bias properties
  • Understanding of novel applications of exchange bias systems

chapter 1|45 pages

The Basis of Nanomagnetism: An Overview of Exchange Bias and Spring Magnets

ByNavadeep Shrivastava, M. Singh Sarveena, S. K. Sharma

chapter 2|24 pages

Exchange-Coupled Bimagnetic Core–Shell Nanoparticles for Enhancing the Effective Magnetic Anisotropy

ByGabriel C. Lavorato, Elin L. Winkler, Enio Lima, Roberto D. Zysler

chapter 3|13 pages

Exchange Bias in Dilute Magnetic Alloys

ByPer Nordblad, Matthias Hudl, Roland Mathieu

chapter 4|18 pages

Structural Complexity in Exchange-Coupled Core–Shell Nanoparticles

ByXiao-Min Lin, Quy Khac Ong, Alexander Wei

chapter 5|23 pages

Exchange-Bias Effect in Manganite Nanostructures

ByA. Wisniewski, I. Fita, R. Puzniak, V. Markovich

chapter 6|36 pages

Monte Carlo Study of the Exchange Bias Effects in Magnetic Nanoparticles with Core–Shell Morphology

ByM. Vasilakaki, G. Margaris, E. Eftaxias, K. N. Trohidou

chapter 7|42 pages

All-Electric Spintronics through Surface/Interface Effects

ByWen-Yi Tong, Chun-Gang Duan

chapter 8|27 pages

Understanding of Exchange Bias in Ferromagnetic/Antiferromagnetic Bilayers

ByM. Pankratova, A. Kovalev, M. Žukovič

chapter 9|42 pages

Exchange Bias in Core–Shell Nanowires and Nanotubes

ByMariana P. Proenca, João Ventura

chapter 10|25 pages

Exchange-Bias Effect in Bulk Perovskite Manganites

ByA. Wisniewski, I. Fita, R. Puzniak, V. Markovich

chapter 11|30 pages

Exchange Bias in Bulk Heusler Systems

ByJyoti Sharma, K. G. Suresh