Brain related disorders are among the most challenging health issues of our time. The development of effective therapeutic and preventive strategies for these disorders relies on a comprehensive understanding of the underlying causative mechanisms. And, until recently, these mechanisms have remained somewhat elusive.

The newly discovered pivotal role of the intestinal microbiome in brain health, functionality, and resistance to disease is revolutionizing neuroscience. The Microbiome and the Brain, through the contributions of some of the most forward thinking researchers and clinicians in the field, comprehensively reveals the leading edge of our understanding of the fundamental role of gut microbes and their metabolites in a wide array of seemingly diverse brain issues including Alzheimer’s disease, autism, multiple sclerosis, and mood disorders. In addition, mechanisms defining these relationships are explored along with a presentation of the state-of-the-art as it relates to interpretation of relevant laboratory assessments. Finally, novel therapeutic opportunities, derived from this exciting science are presented.

Readers will learn:

  • The highly validated relationship between alterations of gut microbes and their metabolites, and risk for Alzheimer’s disease.

  • The important link between autism and intestinal dysbiosis.

  • Appropriate interpretation of available laboratory assessments of the intestinal microbiome.

  • The potential role of fecal microbial transplant in neurological diseases.

  • The influence of diet and other lifestyle choices on the microbiome as it relates to brain health and functionality.


chapter 1|10 pages

Assessing the Microbiome—Current and Future Technologies and Applications

ByThomas Gurry, Shrish Budree, Alim Ladha, Bharat Ramakrishna, Zain Kassam

chapter 2|14 pages

The Microbiome – Role in Personalized Medicine

ByJeffrey Bland

chapter 3|19 pages

Immune Response to Microbial Toxins in Inflammatory and Neurodegenerative Disorders

ByAristo Vojdani, Elroy Vojdani

chapter 4|18 pages

The Microbiome—Its Role in Neuroinflammation

The Autism Spectrum Disorder Paradigm
ByMaria R. Fiorentino, Alessio Fasano

chapter 5|18 pages

Nutrition and the Microbiome—Implications for Autism Spectrum Disorder

ByKirsten Berding, Sharon Donovan

chapter 6|10 pages

Alzheimer’s Disease, the Microbiome, and 21st Century Medicine

ByDale Bredesen

chapter 7|15 pages

Microbial Involvement in Alzheimer’s Disease

ByCan (Martin) Zhang

chapter 8|14 pages

The Role of the Microbiome in Mood

ByKirsten Tillisch, Arpana Gupta

chapter 9|26 pages

The Microbiome in Multiple Sclerosis

ByHelen Tremlett, Emmanuelle Waubant

chapter 10|13 pages

Bacteriophage Involvement in Neurodegenerative Diseases

ByGeorge Tetz, Victor Tetz

chapter 11|17 pages

The Role of Fecal Microbiota Transplantation in Neurological Diseases

ByThomas Borody, John Bienenstock

chapter 12|23 pages

Lifestyle Influences on the Microbiome

ByLeo Galland