Modern and Interdisciplinary Problems in Network Science: A Translational Research Perspective covers a broad range of concepts and methods, with a strong emphasis on interdisciplinarity. The topics range from analyzing mathematical properties of network-based methods to applying them to application areas. By covering this broad range of topics, the book aims to fill a gap in the contemporary literature in disciplines such as physics, applied mathematics and information sciences.

chapter 2|40 pages

The Spread of Multiple Strategies in the Complex Networks

ByJianlei Zhang

chapter 3|30 pages

The Epidemic Spreading Processes in Complex Networks

ByChengyi Xia, Zhishuang Wang, Chunyun Zhen

chapter 4|29 pages

Measurements for Investigating Complex Networks

ByZengqiang Chen, Matthias Dehmer, Yongtang Shi

chapter 5|14 pages

Overview of Social Media Content and Network Analysis

ByMohammed Ali Al-garadi, Henry Friday Nweke, Ghulam Mujtaba

chapter 6|29 pages

Analysis of Critical Infrastructure Network

ByDavid Rehak, Pavel Senovsky, Martin Hromada

chapter 7|20 pages

Evolving Networks and Their Vulnerabilities

ByAbbe Mowshowitz, Valia Mitsou, Graham Bent

chapter 8|34 pages

Review of Structures and Dynamics of Economic Complex Networks: Large-Scale Payment Network of Estonia

ByStephanie Rendón de la Torre, Jaan Kalda

chapter 10|25 pages

Anomaly Detection in Dynamic Complex Networks

ByYasser Yasami

chapter 11|15 pages

Finding Justice through Network Analysis

ByRadboud Winkels