Online education has become a major component of higher education worldwide. In mathematics and statistics courses, there exists a number of challenges that are unique to the teaching and learning of mathematics and statistics in an online environment. These challenges are deeply connected to already existing difficulties related to math anxiety, conceptual understanding of mathematical ideas, communicating mathematically, and the appropriate use of technology. 

Teaching and Learning Mathematics Online bridges these issues by presenting meaningful and practical solutions for teaching mathematics and statistics online. It focuses on the problems observed by mathematics instructors currently working in the field who strive to hone their craft and share best practices with our professional community. The book provides a set of standard practices, improving the quality of online teaching and the learning of mathematics. Instructors will benefit from learning new techniques and approaches to delivering content. 


  • Based on the experiences of working educators in the field 
  • Assimilates the latest technology developments for interactive distance education 
  • Focuses on mathematical education for developing early mathematics courses 

part Part 1|132 pages

Course Design

chapter Chapter 1|14 pages

Teaching Cross-Listed Mathematics Courses Online

ByLaurie Battle, Atish J. Mitra, H. Smith Risser

chapter Chapter 2|26 pages

What Do We Know about Student Learning from Online Mathematics Homework?

ByAllison Dorko

chapter Chapter 3|18 pages

Designing Mathematics Hybrid Classrooms in High School

The Case of Valeria
ByChiara Andrà, Domenico Brunetto, Igor’ Kontorovich

chapter Chapter 4|12 pages

Designing Mathematics Hybrid Classrooms in High School

The Cases of Nicoletta and Lorenza
ByChiara Andrà, Domenico Brunetto, Igor’ Kontorovich

chapter Chapter 5|26 pages

Upper-Level Mathematics and Statistics Courses Shared across Campuses

ByStephan Ramon Garcia, Jingchen Hu, Steven J. Miller

chapter Chapter 6|18 pages

Online Statistics Teaching and Learning

ByJim Albert, Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel, Jingchen Hu

chapter Chapter 7|16 pages

Statistics for Engineers

ByCharles E. Smith, Kimberly S. Weems, Reneé H. Moore

part Part 2|118 pages

Student Interaction

chapter Chapter 10|28 pages

Managing Students’ Mathematics Anxiety in the Context of Online Learning Environments *

ByMichael A. Tallman, Rosaura Uscanga

chapter Chapter 11|18 pages

A Face-to-Face Program of Support for Students in a Hybrid Online Developmental Mathematics Course

ByEdgar J. Fuller, Jessica Deshler

chapter Chapter 12|16 pages

A Practical Guide to Discussions in Online Mathematics Courses

ByGlenn F. Miller, Kathleen H. Offenholley

part Part 3|106 pages

Using Technology

chapter Chapter 13|14 pages

Cognitive Load Theory and Mathematics Instruction through MOOCs

ByE. Zimudzi, S. Kesianye, K.G. Garegae, S. Mogotsi, A. A. Nkhwalume, M. J. Motswiri

chapter Chapter 14|28 pages

Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge for Meaningful Learning and Instrumental Orchestrations

A Case Study of a Cross Product Exploration Using CalcPlot3D
ByMonica VanDieren, Deborah Moore-Russo, Paul Seeburger

chapter Chapter 15|24 pages

Enhancement of Mathematics Learning through Novel Online Tools

ByZohreh Shahbazi

chapter Chapter 16|18 pages

Making Online Mathematics Method Courses Interactive and Effective with OER

ByBhesh Raj Mainali

chapter Chapter 17|20 pages

Developing Interactive Demonstrations for the Online Mathematics Classroom

Interactive Diagrams
ByMina Sedaghatjou, Harpreet Kaur, Kelly A. Williams

part Part 4|46 pages

Teacher Education

chapter Chapter 18|26 pages

MOOCs for Mathematics Teacher Education

New Environments for Professional Development
ByEugenia Taranto

chapter Chapter 19|18 pages

Online Mathematics “Self-Help Kiosks” to Support Pre-Service Teachers

ByHelen Forgasz, Jennifer Hall, Simone Zmood

part Part 5|16 pages


chapter Chapter 20|14 pages

Online Mathematics Education, the Good, the Bad, and the General Overview

BySarah Ferguson