Sensor technologies and applications are evolving rapidly driven by the demand for new sensors for monitoring and diagnostic purposes to enable improvements in human health and safety. Simultaneously, sensors are required to consume less power, be autonomous, cost less, and be connected by the Internet of Things. New sensor technologies are being developed to fulfill these needs. This book reviews the latest developments in sensor technology and gives the reader an overview of the state-of-the-art in key areas, such as sensors for diagnostics and monitoring.


  • Provides an overview of sensor technologies for monitoring and diagnostics applications.
  • Presents state-of-the-art developments in selected topics for sensors that can be used for monitoring and diagnostics in future healthcare, structural monitoring, and smart environment applications.
  • Features contributions from leading international experts in both industry and academia.
  • Explores application areas that include medical diagnostics and screening, health monitoring, smart textiles, and structural monitoring.
  • chapter Chapter 1|26 pages

    Nano-carbon Terahertz Sensors and Imagers

    ByYukio Kawano

    chapter Chapter 2|16 pages

    Fiber-Optic Brillouin Distributed Sensors: From Dynamic to Long-Range Measurements

    ByAlayn Loayssa, Javier Urrielqui, Haritz Iribas, Juan José Mompó, Jon Mariñelarena

    chapter Chapter 3|22 pages

    Low-Powered Plasmonic Sensors

    BySasan V. Grayli, Xin Zhang, Siamack V. Grayli, Gary W. Leach

    chapter Chapter 4|32 pages

    Ultra-fast Photodiodes under Zero- and Forward-Bias Operations

    ByJin-Wei Shi

    chapter Chapter 5|32 pages

    Semiconductor Sensors for Direct X-Ray Conversion

    ByKris Iniewski, Toby Astill

    chapter Chapter 6|21 pages

    Organic Imagers

    ByDario Natali

    chapter Chapter 7|29 pages

    Tactile Sensors for Electronic Skin

    ByFabrizio A. Viola, Pierro Cosseddu

    chapter Chapter 8|38 pages

    Sensor Systems for Label-Free Detection of Biomolecular Interactions: Quartz Crystal Microbalance (QCM) and Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)

    ByŞükran Şeker, M. Taner Vurat, Arin Doğan, A. Eser Elçin, Y. Murat Elçin

    chapter Chapter 9|34 pages

    Low-Power Energy Harvesting Solutions for Smart Self-Powered Sensors

    ByAlbert Álvarez-Carulla, Jordi Colomer-Farrarons, Pere Ll. Miribel

    chapter Chapter 10|14 pages

    RFID Supporting IoT in Health and Well-Being Applications

    BySari Merilampi, Johanna Virkki, Nuno Pombo, Nuno Garcia

    chapter Chapter 11|16 pages

    Low-Power Biosensor Design Techniques Based on Information Theoretic Principles

    ByNicole McFarlane

    chapter Chapter 12|20 pages

    Modern Application Potential of Miniature Chemical Sensors

    ByPaul Hichwa, Cristina E. Davis

    chapter Chapter 13|28 pages

    Optical Flow Sensing and Its Precision Vertical Landing Applications

    ByMohammad K. Al-Sharman, Murad Qasaimeh, Bara J. Emran, Mohammad A. Jaradat, Mohammad Amin Al-Jarrah