1-D metal oxide nanostructures, especially those with semiconducting properties, have attracted much attention in recent years due to their potential and emerging applications, specifically in environment purification and energy devices. For these applications, there have been many efforts to grow 1-D nanostructures in the form of nanotubes, nanorods, and nanowires using processes that conserve energy, are cost effective, and can be scaled up for large-scale production.

1-Dimensional Metal Oxide Nanostructures gathers under one title the most recent development of oxide nanomaterials, especially those fabricated via oxidation process in the nanoscale field. Thermal and anodic oxidation processes are reviewed with an aim to offer an in-depth understanding of mechanisms of 1-D nanostructure formation, their characteristics, and limitations. Other more common methods are also discussed, including sol-gel, hydrothermal, and other templated methods. Important applications of 1-D nanostructures are then presented, focusing on oxides like zinc oxide, titanium oxide, zirconium oxide, copper oxide, and iron oxide. A chapter on carbon nanotubes hybrid with these oxides is also included as well as one on silicon oxide nanowires formation by local anodic oxidation process.

Aimed at researchers, academics, and engineers working across the fields of nanotechnology, materials science, chemistry, physics, semiconductors, and environmental and biomedical engineering, this essential reference enables readers to grasp the main concepts of nanomaterials in 1-D: formation technique, characteristics, and uses. It also encourages practical innovations in nanotechnology, especially in curbing pressing global issues related to energy, environment, and security.

chapter 1|30 pages

Surface Oxidation of Metal for Metal Oxide Nanowires Formation

ByZainovia Lockman, Subagja Toto Rahmat, Nurulhuda Bashirom, Monna Rozana

chapter 2|28 pages

Formation of 1-D Metal Oxide Nanostructures via Thermal Oxidation

ByChristian Laurence E. Aquino, Luigi A. Dahonog, Aian B. Ontoria, Mary Donnabelle L. Balela

chapter 3|36 pages

Fabrication of 1-D ZnO by Thermal Oxidation Process

BySupab Choopun, Ekasiddh Wongrat, Niyom Hongsith

chapter 4|19 pages

Progress, Perspectives, and Applications of 1-D ZnO Fabrication by Chemical Methods

ByTan Wai Kian, Hiroyuki Muto, Go Kawamura, Atsunori Matsuda

chapter 5|28 pages

One-Dimensional α-Fe2O3 Nanowires Formation by High Temperature Oxidation of Iron and Their Potential Use to Remove Cr(VI) Ions

BySubagja Toto Rahmat, Monna Rozana, Tan Wai Kian, Go Kawamura, Atsunori Matsuda, Zainovia Lockman

chapter 6|42 pages

Anodic ZrO2 Nanotubes for Heavy Metal Ions Removal

ByNurulhuda Bashirom, Monna Rozana, Nurul Izza Soaid, Khairunisak Abdul Razak, Andrey Berenov, Syahriza Ismail, Tan Wai Kian, Go Kawamura, Atsunori Matsuda, Zainovia Lockman

chapter 7|26 pages

One-Dimensional Metal Oxide Nanostructures in Sensor Applications

ByAhalapitiya H. Jayatissa, Bharat R. Pant

chapter 8|50 pages

Sensors with 1-Dimensional Metal Oxide

ByKhairunisak Abdul Razak, Nur Syafinaz Ridhuan, Noorhashimah Mohamad Nor, Haslinda Abdul Hamid, Zainovia Lockman

chapter 9|20 pages

Titanium Dioxide Nanotube Arrays for Solar Harvesting Applications to Address Environmental Issues

BySrimala Sreekantan, Khairul Arifah Saharudin, Nyein Nyein, Zainovia Lockman

chapter 10|32 pages

Carbon Nanotube-Metal Oxide Hybrid Nanocomposites Synthesis and Applications

ByZaid Aws Ali Ghaleb, Mariatti Jaafar

chapter 11|14 pages

Formation of SiO2 Nanowires by Local Anodic Oxidation Process via AFM Lithography for the Fabrication of Silicon Nanowires

ByKhatijah Aisha Yaacob, Siti Noorhaniah Yusoh, Nurain Najihah Alias, Ahmad Makarimi Abdullah