A complete background to concepts and principles of behavioral genetics, Neurobehavioral Genetics: Methods and Applications, Second Edition features a broad spectrum of the most current techniques in neurobehavioral genetics in a single source.

International researchers incorporate several new developments in the field, including:

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  • chapter 1|16 pages

    A History of Behavior Genetics

    chapter 2|12 pages

    Developmental NeurobehavioralGenetics: Development as Explanation

    ByGilbert Gottlieb

    chapter 3|8 pages

    Some Basics, Mendelian Traits, Polygenic Traits, Complex Traits

    ByByron C. Jones

    chapter 4|18 pages

    An Introduction to Quantitative Genetics

    ByWim E. Crusio

    chapter 5|18 pages

    From QTL Detection to Gene Identification

    ByMarie-Pierre Moisan

    chapter 6|22 pages

    Gene Expression

    ByRichard A. Radcliffe

    chapter 7|20 pages

    Bioinformatics of Behavior

    ByElissa J. Chesler

    chapter 8|14 pages

    Congenic and Consomic Strains

    ByLorraine Flaherty, Valerie Bolivar

    chapter 9|20 pages

    Animal Resources in Behavioral Neurogenetics

    ByJean-Michel Lassalle

    chapter 10|20 pages

    Sample Size Requirements for Experiments on Laboratory Animals

    ByDouglas Wahlsten

    chapter 11|14 pages

    Role of Association Studies in Psychiatric Disorders

    ByNicolas Ramoz, Philip Gorwood

    chapter 12|6 pages

    Family and Twin Methods

    ByKeith E. Whitfield, Tracy L. Nelson

    chapter 13|12 pages

    Gene-Environment Interactions

    ByByron C. Jones, Leslie C. Jones

    chapter 15|18 pages

    Schizophrenia: Study of a Genetically Complex Phenotype

    ByMichael F. Pogue-Geile, Irving I. Gottesman

    chapter 16|20 pages

    Genetics of Major Affective Disorders

    ByWade Berrettini

    chapter 18|18 pages

    The Elusive World of Personality Genes: Cherchez le Phenotype

    ByRichard P. Ebstein, Rachel Bachner-Melman, Jonathan Benjamin, Robert H. Belmaker

    chapter 19|10 pages

    Aggression: Concepts and Methods Relevant to Genetic Analyses in Mice and Humans

    ByStephen C. Maxson, Andrew Canastar

    chapter 20|16 pages

    Genetic Analysis of Emotional Behaviors Using Animal Models

    ByAndré Ramos, Pierre Mormède

    chapter 21|12 pages

    Genetic Analysis of Food Search Behavior in the Fruit Fly (Drosophila melanogaster)

    ByAmsale T. Belay, Marla B. Sokolowski

    chapter 22|14 pages

    Genetic and Molecular Analyses of Drosophila Courtship Behavior

    ByJean-Marc Jallon

    chapter 23|20 pages

    A New Era for Drosophila Learning and Memory Studies

    ByDaniel Comas, Guillaume Isabel, Thomas Préat

    chapter 24|18 pages

    Behavioral Genetics in the Nematode Caenorhabditis elegans

    ByGert Jansen, Laurent Ségalat

    chapter 25|18 pages

    Genetics, Behavior, and Brain Dopamine Systems

    ByRobert Hitzemann, Shannon McWeeney, John Belknap

    chapter 26|22 pages

    Natural Genetic Variation of Hippocampal Structures and Behavior—an Update

    ByHans-Peter Lipp, Irmgard Amrein, Lutz Slomianka, David P. Wolfer

    chapter 27|24 pages

    Expression and Brain Structure: Black Boxes between Genes and Behaviors

    ByJeremy L. Peirce, Robert W. Williams

    chapter 28|14 pages

    Synaptic Mechanisms Involved in Cognitive Function: Cues from Mental Retardation Genes

    ByGuntram Borck, Florence Molinari, Birgit Dreier, Peter Sonderegger, Laurence Colleaux

    chapter 29|8 pages


    ByByron C. Jones

    chapter 30|12 pages

    Alcohol Psychopharmacogenetics

    ByJohn C. Crabbe