For the new millenium, Wai-Kai Chen introduced a monumental reference for the design, analysis, and prediction of VLSI circuits: The VLSI Handbook. Still a valuable tool for dealing with the most dynamic field in engineering, this second edition includes 13 sections comprising nearly 100 chapters focused on the key concepts, models, and equations.

Written by a stellar international panel of expert contributors, this handbook is a reliable, comprehensive resource for real answers to practical problems. It emphasizes fundamental theory underlying professional applications and also reflects key areas of industrial and research focus.


Sections on…

  • Low-power electronics and design
  • VLSI signal processing

Chapters on…

  • CMOS fabrication
  • Content-addressable memory
  • Compound semiconductor RF circuits
  • High-speed circuit design principles
  • SiGe HBT technology
  • Bipolar junction transistor amplifiers
  • Performance modeling and analysis using SystemC
  • Design languages, expanded from two chapters to twelve
  • Testing of digital systems

Structured for convenient navigation and loaded with practical solutions, The VLSI Handbook, Second Edition remains the first choice for answers to the problems and challenges faced daily in engineering practice.

VLSI Technology. Devices and Their Models. Low Power Electronics and Design. Amplifiers. Logic Circuits. Memory, Registers and System Timing. Analog Circuits. Microprocessor and ASIC. Testing of Digital Systems. Compound Semiconductor Integrated Circuit Technology. Design Automation. VLSI Signal Processing. Design Languages.