The virtually universal popularity of caffeine, together with concerns about its potential pathogenic effects, have made it one of the most extensively studied drugs in history. However, despite the massive scientific literature on this important substance, most reviews have either focused on limited areas of study or been produced in popular form

chapter 1|6 pages

Arousal and Caffeine: Physiological, Behavioral, and Pathological Effects

Edited ByBarry D. Smith, Uma Gupta, B. S. Gupta

part I|2 pages

Caffeine: The Drug

chapter 2|34 pages

The Arousal Drug of Choice: Sources and Consumption of Caffeine

Edited ByBarry D. Smith, Thom White, Rachel Shapiro

chapter 3|36 pages

Pharmacological Properties and Neurophsysiological Effects of Caffeine

Edited ByAstrid Nehlig

part II|2 pages

Cardiovascular Effects

chapter 4|12 pages

Acute Cardiovascular Effects of Caffeine: Hemodynamics and Heart Function

Edited ByBarry D. Smith, Katherine Aldridge

chapter 5|40 pages

The Multifactorial Model of Cardiovascular Pathology: Is Caffeine Pathogenic in Coronary Heart Disease?

Edited ByBarry D. Smith, Radha Gholkar, Mark Mann, Nancy Toward

chapter 7|23 pages

Effects of Coffee and Caffeine Consumption on Serum Lipids and Lipoproteins

Edited ByMing Wei, Harvey A. Schwertner

part III|3 pages

Menstrual and Reproductive Effects

chapter 8|18 pages

Menstrual Endocrinology and Pathology: Caffeine, Physiology, and PMS

Edited ByHoa T. Vo, Barry D. Smith, Solmaz Elmi

chapter 9|28 pages

Effects of Caffeine Intake on Female Fertility: A Critical Review

Edited ByKate Northstone, Jean Golding

part IV|2 pages

Mood and Performance and Psychopathology

chapter 10|54 pages

Effects of Caffeine on Mood

Edited ByHendrik J. Smit, Peter J. Rogers

chapter 11|28 pages

Caffeine, Mood, and Performance: A Selective Review

Edited ByLorenzo D. Stafford, Jennifer Rusted, Martin R. Yeomans

chapter 12|20 pages

Caffeine and Multicomponent Task Performance

Edited ByUma Gupta, B. S. Gupta

chapter 13|18 pages

Caffeinism: History, Clinical Features, Diagnosis, and Treatment

Edited ByIulian Iancu, Ahikam Olmer, Rael D. Strous

part V|2 pages

Green and Black Teas

chapter 14|14 pages

Catechins and Caffeine in Tea: A Review of Health Risks and Benefits

Edited ByRaymond Cooper, Talash A. Likimani, D. James Morŕe, Dorothy M. Morŕe

part VI|2 pages

Integration and Conclusion

chapter 15|6 pages

Caffeine, Physiology, Pathology, and Behavior

Edited ByBarry D. Smith, Uma Gupta, B. S. Gupta