Reflecting the exceptional growth in the use of nanostructured materials for an increasing range of industrial applications, Polymer Nanocomposites Handbook comprehensively covers the synthesis of nanomaterials that act as the building blocks of polymer nanocomposites and polymers that act as matrix materials. From early history to new technologies

chapter 1|6 pages

. Overview of Challenges and Opportunities

ByRakesh K. Gupta, Elliot B. Kennel, Kwang-Jea Kim

chapter 2|14 pages

. History of Carbon Nanomaterials

ByGary G. Tibbetts

chapter 3|24 pages

. The Incorporation of Nanomaterials into Polymer Media

ByHenry C. Ashton

chapter 5|20 pages

. Surface Modification of Carbon Nanofibers

ByMax L. Lake, D. Gerald Glasgow, Gary G. Tibbetts, and D.J. Burton

chapter 6|26 pages

. Compounding Layered Silicate Nanocomposites

ByPaul Andersen

chapter 7|28 pages

. Dispersion of Agglomerated Nanoparticles in Rubber Processing

ByKwang-Jea Kim, James L. White

chapter 8|54 pages

. The Rheology of Polymeric Nanocomposites

BySubhendu Bhattacharya, Rahul K. Gupta, Sati Bhattacharya

chapter 9|18 pages

. Fundamentals of Carbon-Based Nanocomposites

ByEnrique V. Barrera, Erica Corral, Meisha Shofner, Daneesh Simien

chapter 11|56 pages

. Nanocomposites of Liquid Crystalline Polymers Dispersed in Polyester Matrices

ByChang H. Song, Avraam I. Isayev

chapter 13|72 pages

. Mechanical Properties of Clay-Containing Polymeric Nanocomposites

ByLeszek A. Utracki

chapter 14|24 pages

. Mass Transport through Polymer Nanocomposites

ByDaniel De Kee, Kyle J. Frederic

chapter 15|26 pages

. Flammability Properties of Polymer Nanocomposites

ByJin Zhu, Charles A. Wilkie

chapter 16|22 pages

. Electrical Properties of Nanoparticle-Filled Polymers

ByElliot B. Kennel

chapter 17|28 pages

. Thermal Conductivity of Polymer Nanocomposites

BySushant Agarwal, Rakesh K. Gupta

chapter 18|24 pages

. Bio-Based Nanocomposites from Functionalized Plant Oils

ByChang Kook Hong, Jue Lu, Richard P. Wool