A complete restructuring and updating of the classic 1982 Handbook of Chemical Property Estimation Methods (commonly known as "Lyman's Handbook"), the Handbook of Property Estimation Methods for Chemicals: Environmental and Health Sciences reviews and recommends practical methods for estimating environmentally important properties of organic chemic

chapter 1|26 pages

Melting Point

chapter 2|24 pages

Boiling Point

chapter 3|16 pages

Vapor Pressure

chapter 4|20 pages

Henry’s Law Constant

chapter 5|26 pages

Octanol/Water Partition Coefficients

chapter 6|10 pages

Vegetation/Air Partition Coefficient

chapter 7|16 pages

Solubility in Water

chapter 8|48 pages

Soil and Sediment Sorption Coefficients

chapter 10|28 pages

Sorption to Aerosols

chapter 11|20 pages

Absorption Through Cellular Membranes

chapter 12|30 pages


chapter 13|24 pages


chapter 14|20 pages

Atmospheric Oxidation

chapter 15|28 pages

Photoreactions in Surface Waters