While the western world has only recently become enamored with the soybean, East Asia has been consuming and enjoying the associated health benefits of this versatile proteinaceous legume for centuries. The Japanese in particular have devoted much energy to unraveling the mysteries and revealing the science of this oil-rich bean. The Fuji Foundatio

chapter |16 pages

Nutritional Implications of Soy *

ByMichihiro Sugano

chapter |26 pages

Soy Proteins, Cholesterolemia, and Atherosclerosis

ByCesare R. Sirtori, Stuart K. Johnson

chapter |30 pages

Soy and Breast Cancer Prevention

ByYamamoto Seiichiro, Tsugane Shoichiro

chapter |13 pages


ByTohru Funahashi, Yuji Matsuzawa

chapter |19 pages

Systematic Review of Intervention Studies Using Isoflavone Supplements and Proposal for Future Studies

ByShaw Watanabe, Xing-Gang Zhuo, Melissa K. Melby, Naoko Ishiwata, Mituru Kimira

chapter |15 pages

Soy Allergy

ByTadashi Ogawa

chapter |15 pages

Longevity and Age-Related Disease

ByYoshiaki Fujita, Yuko Araki

chapter |18 pages

Soy Saponin

ByChigen Tsukamoto, Yumiko Yoshiki

chapter |26 pages

Role of Soy Lecithin in Lipid Metabolism

ByKatsumi Imaizumi

chapter |7 pages

Soy Sterols

ByIkuo Ikeda

chapter |9 pages

Bioactive Peptides Derived from Soy Protein

ByMasaaki Yoshikawa, Takahiro Tsuruki

chapter |15 pages

Soy Peptides as Functional Food Material

ByKiyoharu Takamatsu

chapter |28 pages

Fermented Soybean Components and Disease Prevention

ByHiroyuki Sumi, Chieko Yatagai

chapter |10 pages

Soybean Components and Food for Specified Health Uses (FOSHU)

ByTakashi Yamamoto

chapter |9 pages

Soy in Health and Disease: Perspectives

ByDavid Kritchevsky