Ten years have passed since this reference's last edition - making Engineering Properties of Foods, Third Edition the must-have resource for those interested in food properties and their variations. Defined are food properties and the necessary theoretical background for each. Also evaluated is the usefulness of each property i

chapter 1|40 pages

I. Introduction

chapter 2|60 pages

I. Introduction

chapter 3|48 pages

Rheological Properties of Solid Foods

ByV. N. Mohan Rao, Ximena Quintero

chapter 4|26 pages

Thermal Properties of Unfrozen Foods

ByPaul Nesvadba

chapter 5|34 pages

Thermal Properties of Frozen Foods

ByR. Paul Singh, Arnab Sarkar

chapter 6|30 pages

Properties Relevant to Infrared Heating of Foods

ByAshim K. Datta, Marialuci Almeida

chapter 7|88 pages

Thermodynamic Properties of Foods in Dehydration

ByS. S. H. Rizvi

chapter 8|54 pages

Mass Transfer Properties of Foods

ByGeorge D. Saravacos

chapter 10|40 pages

Electrical Conductivity of Foods

BySudhir K. Sastry

chapter 11|66 pages

Dielectric Properties of Foods

ByAshim K. Datta, G. Sumnu, and G.S.V. Raghavan

chapter 12|44 pages

Ultrasound Properties

ByMichael J. McCarthy, Lu Wang, Kathryn L. McCarthy

chapter 14|34 pages

Gas Exchange Properties of Fruit and Vegetables

ByBart M. Nicolaï, Jeroen Lammertyn, Wendy Schotsmans, Bert E. Verlinden

chapter 15|24 pages

Surface Properties

chapter 16|30 pages

Colorimetric Properties of Foods

ByF. J. Francis