Highlighting more than a decade of research, this one-of-a-kind reference reviews the production, processing, and characteristics of a wide range of materials utilized in the modern tire and rubber industry. Rubber Compounding investigates the chemistry and modification of raw materials, elastomers, and material compounds for optimal formulation an

chapter 1|50 pages

Natural Rubber and Recycled Materials

ByWilliam Klingensmith, Brendan Rodgers

chapter 2|54 pages

General-Purpose Elastomers

ByHoward Colvin

chapter 3|28 pages

Special-Purpose Elastomers

BySudhin Datta

chapter 4|30 pages

Butyl Rubbers

ByWalter H. Waddell, Andy H. Tsou

chapter 5|76 pages

Thermoplastic Elastomers: Fundamentals and Applications

ByTonson Abraham, Colleen McMahan

chapter 6|46 pages

Carbon Black

ByWesley A. Wampler, Thomas F. Carlson, William R. Jones

chapter 7|80 pages

Silica and Silanes and Stefan Uhrlandt

ByWalter Meon, Anke Blume, Hans-Detlef Luginsland

chapter 8|52 pages

General Compounding

ByHarry G. Moneypenny, Karl-Hans Menting, F. Michael Gragg

chapter 9|40 pages


ByJames E. Duddey

chapter 10|48 pages

Antioxidants and Other Protectant Systems

BySung W. Hong

chapter 11|64 pages


chapter 12|64 pages

Compound Development and Applications

ByGeorge Burrowes, Brendan Rodgers