As Web-based systems and e-commerce carry businesses into the 21st century, databases are becoming workhorses that shoulder each and every online transaction. For organizations to have effective 24/7 Web operations, they need powerhouse databases that deliver at peak performance-all the time. High Performance Web Databases: Design, Development, and

section Section I|4 pages

Database Planning and Getting Started

chapter Chapter 2|10 pages

Establishing Enterprise Data Standards

chapter Chapter 3|22 pages

Enterprise Data Management

section Section II|4 pages

Information Gathering and Analysis

section Section III|4 pages

Managing Business Rules

section Section IV|4 pages

Performance Modeling Methods

chapter Chapter 11|10 pages

Enterprise Data Modeling Practices

chapter Chapter 14|16 pages

Building a Data Model

chapter Chapter 15|12 pages

Business Information Data Modeling

chapter Chapter 16|20 pages

Making Data Models Readable

chapter Chapter 18|28 pages

Avoiding Pitfalls in Data Modeling

chapter Chapter 19|14 pages

The Politics of Entity Identifiers

section Section V|4 pages

Performance Design and Development

chapter Chapter 21|16 pages

Physical Database Design

chapter Chapter 25|14 pages

Component Design for Relational Databases

chapter Chapter 26|12 pages

Designing Relational Databases

section Section VI|4 pages

Database Integrity and Quality

chapter Chapter 27|12 pages

What’s Wrong with My Data?

chapter Chapter 28|8 pages

Referential Integrity for Database Design

chapter Chapter 29|12 pages

Data Quality: An Architectural Solution

chapter Chapter 30|18 pages

Ensuring the Integrity of the Database

section Section VII|4 pages

Distributed Databases, Portability, and Interoperability

chapter Chapter 33|6 pages

Providing Access to External Databases

section Section VIII|4 pages

Database Integration with the Internet and the Web

chapter Chapter 36|10 pages

Integrating EDMSs and DBMSs

section Section IX|4 pages

Data Migration, Conversion, and Legacy Applications

chapter Chapter 39|10 pages

Data: Everchanging and Eternally the Same

chapter Chapter 40|10 pages

A Practical Example of Data Conversion

chapter Chapter 41|16 pages

Data Conversion: Doing it Right the First Time

chapter Chapter 43|6 pages

Bridging Legacy Data with XML

section Section X|4 pages

Performance Tuning

chapter Chapter 45|8 pages

Web-Based Testing and Capacity Planning

chapter Chapter 46|14 pages

The Advancing Art of Indexing

chapter Chapter 47|8 pages

Parallel Databases

chapter Chapter 48|10 pages

Leveraging Checkpoint Processing

section Section XI|4 pages

Data Administration and Operations

chapter Chapter 50|10 pages

Assessing a Data Administrative Program

chapter Chapter 51|12 pages

Managing Database Backup and Recovery

chapter Chapter 52|12 pages

Database Compression Technologies

chapter Chapter 53|6 pages

How to Handle Data Loss and Backup

section Section XII|4 pages

Database Security

chapter Chapter 57|8 pages

Virus Activity in the Internet Environment