The end of the 20th century brought with it a revolution in molecular biology that culminated in advances such as the completion of the human genome. This has brought optimism to the fields of toxicology and environmental health, and the anticipation that molecular biomarkers might soon come of age and have a major impact on human and environmental

chapter 2|10 pages

Ethical and legal considerations in biological markers research

ByRichard R. Sharp, Paul H. Zigas

chapter 4|16 pages

Ecogenetics: genetic susceptibility to environmental adversity

ByDaniel W. Nebert

chapter 7|26 pages

Studies of DNA repair and human cancer: an update

ByMarianne Berwick, Giuseppe Matullo, Paolo Vineis

chapter 8|18 pages

DNA adducts as biomarkers of DNA damage in lung cancer

BySuryanarayana V. Vulimiri and John DiGiovanni

chapter 9|12 pages

Tamoxifen–DNA adducts: biomarkers for drug-induced endometrial cancer

ByShinya Shibutani, Naomi Suzuki, Arthur P. Grollman

chapter 10|20 pages

Polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon DNA adducts and human cancer

ByMikhail F. Denissenko, Moon-shong Tang, and Gerd P. Pfeifer

chapter 11|12 pages

Quantitative PCR: a sensitive biomarker of gene-specific DNA damage and repair

ByBennett Van Houten, Yiming Chen, Janine H. Santos, Bhaskar S. Mandavilli

chapter 12|12 pages

Fidelity of DNA synthesis as a molecular biomarker

ByKandace Williams

chapter 13|28 pages

Mutational specificity of environmental carcinogens

ByKathleen Dixon, Mario Medvedovic

chapter 15|10 pages

Molecular biomarkers for mercury

ByThomas W. Clarkson, Nazzareno Ballatori

chapter 16|14 pages

Validity of mercury exposure biomarkers

ByPhilippe Grandjean, Poul J. Jørgensen, Pál Weihe

chapter 17|12 pages

Urinary arsenic species in relation to drinking water, toenail arsenic concentrations and genetic polymorphisms in GSTM1 in New Hampshire

ByMargaret R. Karagas, Heather H. Nelson, Karl T. Kelsey, Steven Morris, Joel D. Blum, Tor D. Tosteson, Mark Carey, Xiufen Lu, X. Chris Le

chapter 18|6 pages

Molecular responses of mammalian cells to nickel and chromate exposure

ByMax Costa, Konstantin Salnikow, Jessica E. Sutherland, Thomas Kluz, Wu Peng, and Moon-shong Tang

chapter 19|20 pages

Chromium: exposure, toxicity, and biomonitoring approaches

ByAnatoly Zhitkovich

chapter 20|20 pages

Using plankton food web variables as indicators for the accumulation of toxic metals in fish

ByCarol L. Folt, Celia Y. Chen, Paul C. Pickhardt

chapter 21|12 pages

Validation of exposure and risk biomarkers: aflatoxin as a case study

ByJohn D. Groopman, Peta E. Jackson, Paul Turner, Christopher P. Wild, Thomas W. Kensler

chapter 22|16 pages

Biomarkers of early effect in the study of cancer risk

ByLaura Gunn, Luoping Zhang, Matthew S. Forrest, Nina T. Holland, Martyn T. Smith

chapter 23|4 pages

Proteomics in toxicology: an experience with gentamicin

BySandy Kennedy, M.D. Kelly, C. Moyses, R. Amess, and R. Parekh

chapter 24|16 pages

Xenopus laevis genomic biomarkers for environmental toxicology studies

ByPerry J. Blackshear

chapter 25|10 pages

Molecular biomarkers targeting signal transduction systems: the AH receptor pathway

ByTimothy R. Fennell, Frederick J. Miller, William F. Greenlee

chapter 27|24 pages

Biomarkers of male reproductive health

ByAnne L. Golden

chapter 28|20 pages

Peripheral benzodiazepine receptors: molecular biomarkers of neurotoxicity

ByTomás R. Guilarte

chapter 31|16 pages

Exposure to POPs and other congeners

ByStephen H. Safe

chapter 32|12 pages

Polybrominated diphenyl ethers: route, dose, and kinetics of exposure to humans

ByÅke Bergman, Lars Hagmar, Peter Höglund, Andreas Sjödin

chapter 33|12 pages

Bioanalytical approaches for the detection of dioxin and related halogenated aromatic hydrocarbons

ByMichael S. Denison, Scott R. Nagy, Michael Ziccardi, George C. Clark, Michael Chu, David J. Brown, Guomin Shan, Yukio Sugawara, Shirley J. Gee, James Sanborn, Bruce D. Hammock

chapter 34|12 pages

Application of biomarkers to population studies on food chain contaminants in Nunavik (Arctic Quebec, Canada)

ByÉric Dewailly, Pierre Ayotte, Marc Rhainds, Suzanne Bruneau, Chris Furgal, Jacques Grondin, Benoît Lévesque, Carole Blanchet, Daria Pereg, Gina Muckle

chapter 35|20 pages

University-community partnership for the study of environmental contamination at Akwesasne

ByDavid O. Carpenter, Alice Tarbell, Edward Fitzgerald, Michael J. Kadlec, David O’Hehir, and Brian Bush

chapter 36|22 pages

Electronic biosensing